Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Animations of inanimate objects expressing emotion without having faces...

Maya Luxo Lamps

I think this animation was based on the lamps you see in the pixar advert of the bouncing lamp on a letter. This animation skims through a variety of emotions at once, e.g. anger, sadness, etc.

Flour Sack Animation

I like this animation because of how fluid it looks when it moves and how it displays emotional reactions/actions, e.g. curling over and slumped generally means the character/object is sad. When bouncing around, this can mean the character is happy or full of energy.

Emotion Exercise

The people who made this state that they wanted the scissors to appear 'excited' and the gloves to look 'irritated'. When I watched it, it looked as though the scissors themselves were irritated and sort of went into a mad frenzy and attacked the gloves.
But I liked the video regardless of what the objects were meant to be expressing. It was interesting to see the way the sissors moved. They motioned in a 'choppy' fashion. It was as though there was a few missing slides in the sequence all together.

Complimentary: Yellow and Violent

I liked this video because the animated putty that was fighting each other had a 'comical' feel. It was like watching two children fight over a game or something and one piece of putty was trying to break it up. There were some parts in this animation where the putties suddenly had some facial structures, e.g. mouths would form, fists would appear, a monster like face looked angry, etc. But I thought this would still be relevant because most of the animation just consists of putty blobs moving around.

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