Saturday, 5 February 2011

Digital Collection of Viewpoint Images

My Primary and Secondary Research.

Primary Images:

This is my version of 'God's persective'. I took this shot because I thought it was a good example of how small the people look. Usually, when we see a character that is superior and powerful, they tend to look down on others, and they themselfs tend to look smaller too. I say this, but I think this shot looks more like a POV because you don't see the person looking down, instead you see what they see.

At this point, I was messing around with the angles of the shot. I didn't want a 'level' looking 'portrait' image. So I changed the position of the camera. I think I wanted to get the feeling of there being 'no control' in viewing this. Clearly, there is something 'wrong' with this shot and we immediately want to 'correct' it (place it the right way). My tutor told me a shot that's angled like this is known as the 'Dutch Tilt' or a 'Canted Angle'. It apparently creates tension in a scene.

I liked how the building looked in this shot because it appears to sort of tower over or or stand tall. I didn't pick up on how lovely the coloured sky looked until it was viewed by my classmates and tutors. I was just trying to get a good shot of the building itself at the time.

I was experimenting with this shot. I wanted to see what the stair railings looked like looking up from this view. I thought the gapes here would of been much bigger.

Again, I was playing with the position of the camera. I wanted the shot to look a bit out of balance. I think this kind of shot is referred to as 'Dutch Tilt' or 'Canted Angle'.

I quite like this shot, because it reminds me of the films Alien, how the creature hunted the people on the ships by dropping out of ceiling hatches, ect. I can just imagine Alien about to crawl out of the hole in this image, just looks creepy thinking about it, haha...

Again, I was playing with the angels of the camera. I wanted to get a shot of the stairs from a low point. Perhaps if this was a movie clip, a character could descend down the stairs and the shot would follow the character like a 'Tilt'?

I took this shot because I liked how my feet and coat look from this angle. I think I was again, trying to mimic 'God's Perspective'. Instead I think I've ended up with a POV from a different angle.

This shot was taken from a high point. I didn't want a 'God's Perspective', but rather capture the entire room, or as much as possible. I liked how the room looked erie. I think this feel was achieved by having no one there. The darkness also adds to the effect I think. When my tutors looked at my primary pictures, they said I should have some with people in. I think this image could be an exception though, but that's just my opinion...

I liked how the light looked on this textured wall. The mass of light covers most of it, yet in the grooves, we can clearly see many vertical shadows. I like how the darkness on the right seems to creep in the shot too.

I had to edit this image, brighten it up a bit because it was hard to see the shadow of the tree. My tutor told me that I should shoot images in bright lights, then I can add darkness 'n' tweak it more easily. Again, I was messing around with the angle. I like the long, 'protruding' shadow of the tree extending out of the shot. 

Secondary Images:

I like this image because Ariel's hair stands out from the background. I like the colour scheme for this shot too, I think it works effectively. I think this shot is called a 'Medium Close Up'.

I loved the colour of the background. It looks tranquil. If you look carefully, you can see light on the backs of the characters. Their shadows dominate most of their figures. I think this view point could be called a 'Full Shot' because the characters are fully within the frame.

I thought this was a good shot because to me, it feels like we pan from left to right by looking at the characters. I would like to think that this shot could be classified as an 'Establishing Shot' or 'Deep Staging'.

I thought this was cute. It's bright and colourful. I think this image can be called a 'Medium Close Up'.

This image appears to be symmetrical. I think this could be called an 'Establishing Shot'.

This image appears to be A symmetrical. I like how the wave blurs some of the image and yet, captures the tower inside it's curve. I also like how the light travels throughout the inner curling wave, bringing out the colours from underneath the bed.

I picked this image because I was drawn to the stretching shadows. When my tutor saw this, he said that there may be a divide in the relationship between the two characters because they are stood apart from each other. Looking back on this, I'd agree. I think this shot would be called a 'Full Shot'.

I thought this shot was interesting because of the use of black and white. It looks peaceful. I think this can be classed as a 'Pan Shot' or maybe one that zooms out. 


  1. Ms. Egan,
    I appreciate your interest in my work. That said, the photographs on my website ( are copyrighted and you do not have my permission to use them on your blog. So I don't have to file a DMCA take down notice with your ISP and Google, kindly remove my copyrighted work from your blog post as soon as possible. (The image is a B&W silhouette of a pregnant woman with fabric draped around her waist and a hand across her chest) Thanks in advance for your help in this matter.
    Robert Austin Fitch
    Robert Austin Fitch Photography, LLC

    1. Mr. Fitch, I apologies if I have caused you any worry over your image.
      I do not claim any ownership over it what so ever.
      I chose it during my first year work as a reference example of some style frames similar to what I was studying. At the time, I was not fully aware of copy right issues, nor the implications that can follow when using/showing others work. I haven't referred to this post for quite some time.
      Again, many apologies,
      Catherine Egan.