Monday, 7 February 2011

Directors Work

I don't think I have a favorite Director as such, but if I had to choose, I'd say probably Henry Selick
(Director Below, next to 'Coraline').

I'd say this because he's been involved with Tim Burton's animated creations, e.g. The Nightmare Before Christmas and Coraline.

Quotes from Henry Selick and others about the Nightmare Before Christmas:
Part 1 of Clip

07:18 : 'The art directors wanted to give the sets and characters a look that was reminiscent of the pen and ink illustrations of artists like Ronald (Surough/Suru?) or Edward Gorey...'

09:57 : 'Although the sets were built in miniature, they were light as if they were full size movie sets, but using smaller lighting instruments. Many of the scenes required as many as 20 to 30 different lights to create the dramatic effects'.

Quotes from Henry Selick and others about the Nightmare Before Christmas:
Part 2 of Clip
04:13 : 'This movie will have approximately 60 individual characters. We will make as many as three to four duplicates of many of those characters. So the total number of puppets for this film is close to 200.'

04:52 : 'Stop motion animation is a process where by, we take a puppet like this (Jack Skelengton) and we move him a little bit, take your hand away, take a picture. We move him a little bit more, take the hand away, take a picture. We repeat that, picture. We develope the film and play it back and without my hand being involved at all, his arm's gonna swing around like this. It's a way to bring inanimate objects, objects that aren't alive, to life.' 

06:00 : 'I act it out, and play with the puppet a little, see if my actions can be duplicated by the puppet. If they can, then I talk to Henry the Director and see if he likes it'.

06:10 : 'We'll memorize it with your body, act it out several different ways, I'll act it out for them. We go back and forth and arrive on something'.
(acting out actions for one scene in the film)
'Down, takes it up, looks, there's something in there. Huh? Reaches inside, ugh! Get's bit and then fixes it on and leans in just as they finish'.

07:37 : 'We get the move nailed, the lighting and we shoot tests, put them on loops and see them over and over and comment on virtually everything.'

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