Monday, 7 February 2011

Dramatic Sound Effects, Foley and Score

This sound effect was used in the beginning of the silent clip me and Jamie had. We discussed what music and themes to have and decided that this sounded great for the beginning. It was in sync with the actions of the character and it added the element we needed to 'clear the air'. A build up of fear, thrill, suspense, etc.
If you listen carefully, you can hear what sounds like the keys of a piano, a bicycle wheel, and possibly a violin...

This sound track is used about mid way between our silent clip. It emphasizes the action sequences we see.

This video below was the silent clip me and Jamie were given. We were asked to put sound and music to it, this is the result of our research and recordings...

(The following audio clips below are just things I've found, but not used. Still, I thought they should have some recognition on this blog.)

This is the classic 'da da DAAAA' I found. Thought it was rather comical as well as dramatic.

Dramatic music, its a quite build up to begin with, and then you come across sounds that are just BAM! In your face! Like the clashing of waves...'

This link above is interesting. It's about the sims 3 game, doing Foley by singing songs in the language 'Simlish' for the music you hear in the game.

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