Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Kinectic Verb Animation 2 - Expression Research

For this brief, my animation consisted of a droplet that will drip from an object and we see how it falls.

(Below, 'Coyote Fall'.)

I liked the sound effect of the Coyote falling from the Cliffside. It sounds like a firework. This emphasizes the drop of the character.

Waterdrop shot in a thousand frames...

 This clip above was something I found from Youtube. I wanted to get a rough idea of how a drop reacts when falling so I could recreate this action sequence in Maya using Type.

(Below, Dry Ice Bubble.)

I put this on here out of general interest and for research on the bubble, water drop effect.

(Below, 'Epic Sound Effects' - Water sounds)

I found other sounds but they sounded 'fake', as though someone tried to re-create them with other instruments. They also sound 'muffled', it's strange to hear. 

(Below, My Kinectic Verb Animation 2 - Drip)


The only thing that I didn't like about this project is that the sound is too quiet. I kept tweaking the volume when I imported the piece in After Affects. When I showed this to my tutors, one of them wanted me to take the falling sound out because it takes away its sense of 'realism'. But she suggested that I include a splash sound effect to give the illusion that the drop has actually landed. So I searched for a splash sound and came up with this (above).

New Way Of Looking

My idea for this brief was the Human Body in the environment. I didn't come up with this idea to begin with. It seemed to form when I took pictures of things I found interesting. The images below are just a handful of things I found that somehow relate to people or the human body.

'People, still life?'

'People, still life?'

'Eye in the Sky'

'Eyes or Nostrils?'


'Rib Cage'

Veins and Lungs?

This is my final piece below, it had to last at least two minutes.
The constant fades in and out represent a heart beat, this happens in sync with audio of a heart beating. I liked the idea of using images and footage of tree branches and roots because they remind me of veins. I also changed the size of the video clips I gathered because I wanted to emphasize tension. I wanted to make the piece look Claustrophobic. The tension began to build more when the imagery was flashing on the screen faster, still in sync to the audio heart beat. Some images were cropped smaller, I was trying to again emphasize a sense of unease or worry. I was experimenting with what I had gathered. The idea for this brief just developed on its own. There are a few images at the end that are basically clues as to what this piece means. We had to make this so that the viewer didn't initially understand the answer to begin with; but rather come up with their' own theories of what it was about.


I loved the idea of the project, but I struggled trying to execute it. 

Demo Stop Motion Technique

For this assignment, everyone was required to make at least two animations based on emotions.

Test 1

This was just for experimentation, getting used to the software. My tutor thought I should of included more cell shots because the bits of paper were moving in a jaggedly sort of fashion, rather than a fluid motion.


This animation is based on Suffocation. I thought that the outer space could suddenly start to close in on the bounding blob-like substance, creating the feeling of claustrophobia. I liked how the blob would act like a drop of water landing into a mass of water. Like a sort of repel, rebound, acting as a flexible spring. I think the ending to this could have been better though; because at the final seconds where the outer space circles the blob, it just sits there motionless. Maybe if I made it move in a quick motion from left to right, it could convey the feeling of panicking.


This is one of my favorite emotive animations. It's based on the emotion Jubilant. I think it's a little slow in some parts as though its swaying or in a trance. As though its dancing in someways. I think it could be improved by adding less cell shots to give the sense that it is in a hurry. I did love how the ball was bounding and stopped when it noticed the 'viewers'. Then in bounced closer to the screen and got all excited at once and bounded off again.

Something Nadia and I did in our spare time...haha 

We didn't submit this animation because we thought it was irrelevant. It didn't convey the requested emotions on the list everyone was given. This animation was more about experimentation and having fun using the software to be honest. The soundtrack in the background came from an anime called 'Fruits Basket'. Thought it was appropriate to add because it sounds comical and it suits this animation really well. 

Life Drawing Animation...

 Life Drawing Animation

Me and my other classmates had to draw a naked model for this brief. At one point, we had an exercise to do 16 images of the model, posing in different positions lasting up to a few minutes. After that, we were all asked to scan these images onto the computer and produce a short animation from them. This video above is the result of my animation.

My Progress: Before and After animation tests in Maya & After Affects...

Everyone had to decide to choose a word to animate, I choose the word Sprint. I tried to give the word 'animalistic' qualities in terms of the way a Cheetah for example would sprint or crouch. So I looked at these images (below) for reference.

These animations were created on Adobe After Affects.
I wanted the word to act as though it was at a starting line for a race and then let it sprint off when it would hear a signal to go like a gun shot or something. I looked for any gun shot audio I could find but found none that seemed loud or suited enough for the clip. Then I remembered a sound I heard from a game called Mario Kart. There's a small track you hear that basically starts the race in the game and I liked it. So I used it and it's in the tests and final video below.

Test 1:

Test 2:

This animation was created on Maya.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Research Strand: Czech Republic animations...

Student/Other People's work:

The Cycle of life: 
I think this video is about pollution and the environment. I liked it because of the stop still animation technique.

Pes - Western Spaghetti

I don't think Pes was from Czech Republic, but his animations were inspired by Jan Svankmajer.

Jan Svankmajer - Alice

Jan Svankmajer

Jan Svankmajer - Meat Love 1989

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Kinectic Verb Animation Research

I've seen other kinetic type animations, but this must be the best (in my opinion), haha. It's about someone's review over a game. A review that expresses anger. Someone else has found this review and then decided to make this video for it. I love it because its funny, and some of the type is sort of characterized, e.g. two of these 'oo' turned into angry eyes.

From the film 'Step Brothers'. This again makes me laugh because two grown men pretty much act like children and sound ironically stupid. I noticed the type 'walking around', literally move like they were two feet moving.

This also made me laugh because it's so raw and in your face. Slightly offensive but humorous. I also liked how objects, etc were introduced into the type animation too, e.g. magnifying glass, space craft, etc.

I loved this because half of it didn't make sense. From one of the films 'Pirates of the Carribean', the type motions in a way that represents (to me) the story escalating and basically going no where, like a heated conversation. It sounds like a riddle listening to it. The type resizes when someone shouts or speaks loudly; and then it goes smaller when people speak quietly. 

Friday, 18 March 2011

Observational Research for sketchbooks

I really do not like Katie Price. But I like the way her hair flows in the water, this reminds me of 'The Little Mermaid', Ariel.

(Examples below of Ariel's hair flowing in different ways...)

Monday, 7 March 2011

Stop Still Animations...

This animation, to me seems to question shapes. Can shapes be altered, transformed, warped into the way the animator wants it or does it have 'a life of it's own'? What I love about this is that you see the animator's have within this piece, interacting with the animated imagery.

This animation to me is amazing! I think this because it must of been painstaking to create, day after day painting and then taking a photo. Not to mention it comes to life on walls for the majority of the video. They would of had to take into account the textures on the walls, what strength of paint was needed, and how much they could animate and have finished before their' deadline...