Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Kinectic Verb Animation Research

I've seen other kinetic type animations, but this must be the best (in my opinion), haha. It's about someone's review over a game. A review that expresses anger. Someone else has found this review and then decided to make this video for it. I love it because its funny, and some of the type is sort of characterized, e.g. two of these 'oo' turned into angry eyes.

From the film 'Step Brothers'. This again makes me laugh because two grown men pretty much act like children and sound ironically stupid. I noticed the type 'walking around', literally move like they were two feet moving.

This also made me laugh because it's so raw and in your face. Slightly offensive but humorous. I also liked how objects, etc were introduced into the type animation too, e.g. magnifying glass, space craft, etc.

I loved this because half of it didn't make sense. From one of the films 'Pirates of the Carribean', the type motions in a way that represents (to me) the story escalating and basically going no where, like a heated conversation. It sounds like a riddle listening to it. The type resizes when someone shouts or speaks loudly; and then it goes smaller when people speak quietly. 

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