Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Demo Stop Motion Technique

For this assignment, everyone was required to make at least two animations based on emotions.

Test 1

This was just for experimentation, getting used to the software. My tutor thought I should of included more cell shots because the bits of paper were moving in a jaggedly sort of fashion, rather than a fluid motion.


This animation is based on Suffocation. I thought that the outer space could suddenly start to close in on the bounding blob-like substance, creating the feeling of claustrophobia. I liked how the blob would act like a drop of water landing into a mass of water. Like a sort of repel, rebound, acting as a flexible spring. I think the ending to this could have been better though; because at the final seconds where the outer space circles the blob, it just sits there motionless. Maybe if I made it move in a quick motion from left to right, it could convey the feeling of panicking.


This is one of my favorite emotive animations. It's based on the emotion Jubilant. I think it's a little slow in some parts as though its swaying or in a trance. As though its dancing in someways. I think it could be improved by adding less cell shots to give the sense that it is in a hurry. I did love how the ball was bounding and stopped when it noticed the 'viewers'. Then in bounced closer to the screen and got all excited at once and bounded off again.

Something Nadia and I did in our spare time...haha 

We didn't submit this animation because we thought it was irrelevant. It didn't convey the requested emotions on the list everyone was given. This animation was more about experimentation and having fun using the software to be honest. The soundtrack in the background came from an anime called 'Fruits Basket'. Thought it was appropriate to add because it sounds comical and it suits this animation really well. 

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