Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Kinectic Verb Animation 2 - Expression Research

For this brief, my animation consisted of a droplet that will drip from an object and we see how it falls.

(Below, 'Coyote Fall'.)

I liked the sound effect of the Coyote falling from the Cliffside. It sounds like a firework. This emphasizes the drop of the character.

Waterdrop shot in a thousand frames...

 This clip above was something I found from Youtube. I wanted to get a rough idea of how a drop reacts when falling so I could recreate this action sequence in Maya using Type.

(Below, Dry Ice Bubble.)

I put this on here out of general interest and for research on the bubble, water drop effect.

(Below, 'Epic Sound Effects' - Water sounds)

I found other sounds but they sounded 'fake', as though someone tried to re-create them with other instruments. They also sound 'muffled', it's strange to hear. 

(Below, My Kinectic Verb Animation 2 - Drip)


The only thing that I didn't like about this project is that the sound is too quiet. I kept tweaking the volume when I imported the piece in After Affects. When I showed this to my tutors, one of them wanted me to take the falling sound out because it takes away its sense of 'realism'. But she suggested that I include a splash sound effect to give the illusion that the drop has actually landed. So I searched for a splash sound and came up with this (above).

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