Wednesday, 30 March 2011

New Way Of Looking

My idea for this brief was the Human Body in the environment. I didn't come up with this idea to begin with. It seemed to form when I took pictures of things I found interesting. The images below are just a handful of things I found that somehow relate to people or the human body.

'People, still life?'

'People, still life?'

'Eye in the Sky'

'Eyes or Nostrils?'


'Rib Cage'

Veins and Lungs?

This is my final piece below, it had to last at least two minutes.
The constant fades in and out represent a heart beat, this happens in sync with audio of a heart beating. I liked the idea of using images and footage of tree branches and roots because they remind me of veins. I also changed the size of the video clips I gathered because I wanted to emphasize tension. I wanted to make the piece look Claustrophobic. The tension began to build more when the imagery was flashing on the screen faster, still in sync to the audio heart beat. Some images were cropped smaller, I was trying to again emphasize a sense of unease or worry. I was experimenting with what I had gathered. The idea for this brief just developed on its own. There are a few images at the end that are basically clues as to what this piece means. We had to make this so that the viewer didn't initially understand the answer to begin with; but rather come up with their' own theories of what it was about.


I loved the idea of the project, but I struggled trying to execute it. 

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