Monday, 4 April 2011

Sand Animation & Research...

Sand Animation Research:

For this project, I and my classmates had to work together as a team to create a sand animation. It had to move in sync with the music track: 'Carmina Burana'. So we came up with a storyboard, everyone agreed to the parts they would animate; we practiced out and experimented with our ideas on the sand.

(The videos below are research we referred to as guidance. They tell of emotive stories of war, violence, death, etc.)

Our Recorded Sand Animation to Carmina Burana

(The screenshots below came from another recording of the our sand animation in progress.)


It was a brilliant experience. Everyone had a laugh experimenting and playing with the sand. The only downfall was we had to wear masks, because it was sand for chinchillas. The kind used for litter trays, and it would of made us ill if we inhailed it. One of our tutors skin flared up from just being in the room.

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