Friday, 16 September 2011

Project 2 - Live Brief Collaborative Project - Moving ...


I'm confused by this anyway, from what it's saying from the beginning, but I love its animation.

I thought this was interesting because it had no sound, yet it got the message across. I didn't fully understand it, but I partially understood some of its meaning.

I love how the vines on the pumpkin are 'growing' and coil round and the white 'magic' that entangles Cinderella before transforming her tattered dress into a beautiful ball gown.

I'm playing with the idea of using these logo's as little bounding, living things like the Pixar lamp jumping on the I. Or like Steve the monkey and the attack of the gummy bears...

Spare Work: Maya, After Effects, etc.


The following images and videos below are work I've created during my spare time. They are my examples of practicing using software.

My Maya Title Sequence:

 Experimentation of a Blue Ball...

My Maya Title Sequence and 
Maya Blue Ball Animation put together:

(Above, this clip is of my younger sister 'painting' on a pad...)

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Project 1 - Live Brief Collaborative Project - Research & Design Ideas

(A website showing the art movements' timeline.)
I like the Idea of possibly creating a 'family tree' of art.

 Nouveau Ideas for Frames/Boarders.

Deco Ideas for Frames/Boarders

Other Ideas for Frames/Boarders

Design Ideas:

 I'm keen on using some Art Nouveau ideas possibly on the beams and pillars of the library. But it's finding a way to achieve this without effecting the laminate posters already on these spaces that I'm having some trouble with.

    I like the idea of using quotes on the beams.

    I also like the idea of having things 'pop up' from behinds objects like a bookshelf or something.