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Competition Brief: Swarovski

For this brief, we had to choose a competition to enter (or at least create some work for our portfolio's in response to it). I decided to do the Swarovski challenge: get the younger generation interested in their' products.

Swarovski have their own video channel on youtube. After viewing some of their clips, I noticed a good few featured models wearing Swarovski jewelry. The models seemed to embody Nouveau-like qualities. Is this their approach to advertising? Nature?...

I believe this is the case, as Swarovski pull off what looks like an Alphonse Mucha inspired advertisement in the modern day, through moving image:

                                    (Left: Job, 1896)                     (Right: Bagnolet Soap Factory, 1897)

When researching, Wikipedia claimed that Swarovski has changed their logo three times since starting in 1895.
1st logo: Edelweiss flower
2nd logo: ?
3rd logo: Swan

Upon further investigation, I found this old packaging by Swarovski on a blog:

'DS Swarovski packaging indicates Vintage status.'

Edelweiss Flower logo by Swarovski again.
'The beads were cut and packaged in the late 1950's.'

(Swarovski K.S. packaging)

(Photograph of an actual Edelweiss Flower)

Swarovski 'SCS' logo
(Swarvoski Crystal Society)–-“sharing”-var-2-clear-base

Website links

This website below depicts a chronological timeline of Swarovski's changes, sales, etc.

Swarovski History Homepage

Swarovski Chronological Timeline


I want my response to this brief, to be a small advertising video, depicting a story like these clips below:

    (ING Direct Commercial 1 - Vole)                         (ING Direct Commercial 2 - Donkey)

          (ING Direct Commercial 2 - Bear)                         (Making of ING Direct Commercials)

These videos above (excluding the a making of video) depict scenarios that can happen during daily life whilst speaking to Bank representatives for help, advice, etc. Rather than taking place in a bank environment, these scenarios are featured in woodland settings with creatures.
I like these videos because the creatures are cute, and because anything usual, has been taken out of context. It's as though the viewer has wondered into another world, 'alien' to our customs, creating curiosity and intrigue.

The 4th video shows and tells of how the ING Direct adverts were executed.

('The Tale of the Three Brothers' from 
Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows Part 1)

I like this video because of how the story pans out, and how someone is telling a story, as it happens. I liked how the three brothers could ask for anything they desired and death would grant it. It springs a few ideas of how I can illustrate something similar in a potential Swarovski advert.

Product Reviews

These two videos above show two young women introducing the viewer products that they have in common: USB necklaces. Swarovski and Philips have collaborated to create beautiful jewelry with the added twist of USB technology, storing up to 1 GB of information. The result: the attention of younger audiences.

Thoughts & Discussions

On 23/01/12, I spoke to my tutor about some of the concepts I've come up with for the Swarovski brief, and showed him some of the research I found for it. For the logo design changes over the years, I couldn't uncover a reason as to why they did that, just the dates of when they did.
My only guess as to why the logo now is a swan is because of the qualities such a creature reflects: grace, beauty and elegance. These qualities are also seen (and desired) through jewelry. So replacing their' previous logo with a swan must of fitted the bill for what products they sell.

Getting back to the Nouveau qualities I recognized from the Swarovski video earlier, my tutor told me of a scene from the film 'Lord of the Rings', where a character called Arwen appears. He mentioned how she looks otherworldly from the other characters, saying if she wore some jewelry, (which she does) people would want to own it too:

 (Lord of the Rings Scene - Arwen)

I've been advised to look into adverts that show products in a sophisticated manner, adverts that reflect similar beliefs/qualities as Swarovski do for their' products. I found these videos below in relation to this:

More Advertisements...

(Ferrero Rocher "Food Of The Gods" Advert)

I thought these videos were relevant, as it has that 'otherworldly' feel to it; resembles some Nouveau aspects, speaks or depicts godly beings possessing this product, and tells it like it's a fabled tale. 


Swan Related Research

Ceres, Celestial Maiden's Robe tale.

 I'm still trying to integrate the swan logo in a story, like the link above about the Celestial Maiden. This version of the story mentions feathers, so I've been debating if that could possibly work within my piece...

I've been thinking about music too, and these songs sprung to mind, one being because of the story surrounds a swan princess, and the other because of the sound of it, graceful like a swan, and emotive.

(Des'ree - Kissing You -Backing Track 
from Baz Lurman's film Romeo & Juliet)                              (Swan Lake Ballet Track)

 I've refered to the film 'Black Swan' too, because of how the ballet dancers move in relation to a swan. 

(Dancing Clips from 'Black Swan')

(Left: Swarovski's Crystal Forest
Right: Swarovski Elements Dance film)

(Lady Ice by Liron Pe'er)


('The Swan Princess' Film Animation)


(Legend Clip 1985 - Lily Succumbs To Darkness)

Playing from 0:28 seconds, we see our damsel in distress in a strange room. She begins to immerse herself in her surroundings, wandering towards some jewelry. After viewing the jewelry, Lily slowly starts becoming enticed, eventually surrendering to 'Darness's' will.

I thought this would be relevant to my brief because of her viewing jewelry, engaging in her surroundings, and her transformation, as I want some form of transforming in my piece.
(Any clips from Harry Potter of Voldermort are not part of my research.) 

Other Swarovski Adverts/Entries
& Research...


I was stuck for ideas of how I could convey my ideas in terms of what was the best medium. So I looked into other videos relating to Swarovski, entries that people have submitted and so on. I came across these clips above. I thought it was interesting how these animal characters are Swarovski crystal collectibles. I liked how they become reflective when they move.

I was trying to find any videos of crystal growth timelapses. I wanted to try to understand how crystals grow.

Transformations, etc.

My idea for my video will be based on footage and rotoscoping. My tutor suggested these as I didn't decide what style my piece should be.  He said rotoscoping could take on  transformation qualities my character will undergo. Thinking about it, rotoscoping brought this clips to mind as ideas...

I love the rotoscoping in 'Enchanted'. Of how the villain, Narissa could appear in an environment alien to her own, and still hold conversations with her sidekick Nathaniel.

I thought the Yaris advert was brilliant because there is a sense of realism with the guy singing, despite being 'cartoony'.

Considering I'm not a fan of the 'Go Compare' man, I thought the transformation of Cinderella is executed well. I think my piece will be more or less along the lines of this clip.

Another 'Enchanted' piece, this music clip, 'Ever Ever After' is by a singer called Carrie Underwood, whose song is featured in the film. 
I like this film again because of the transitions of medium/form of the characters. One minute Carrie is a cartoon, the next, a person.

These two clips are from 'The Swan Princess' (play from 2:39) and Disney's 'Cinderella'.
I was fascinated with them both, because again, transformations. I thought the swan princess ties in with the Swarovski swan logo and ideas generated from that (in my sketchbook). 
I like Cinderella's transformation of this gradual, whispy line, it reminds me of Art Nouveau a little, because of this natural, flowing form coiling itself around the character. This could tie in with the Nouveau aspects I picked up from Swarovski's jewelry advertising videos.

My Animatic

This is my animatic for Swarovski. Though soundless, the final piece would contain partially a subtle music track.

More Transformations...


The characters above transform into their superhero outfits whenever there is danger.


(Play 0:18 in Harry Potter Clip.) These videos play scenes where (left) Tom Riddle explodes after the horcrux book is destroyed and (right) where beast transforms into a man before Bell.)


I've been looking into what kind of light sources I could use for my background scenes when I found this. I think its genius how they use the light, however I think it would be too ambitious for me to attempt something similar on a smaller scale, given what time I have left to finish my advert.

I've looked at these images below for ideas for my background. I wanted something with a hint of Nouveau when I found these. They inspired my pillar/beam designs in my adverts background.

The items below in the picture were what I used for my adverts background, reflective materials.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Discovery of Blog

On 16/01/12, I was given a new brief to look at competitions. 
Whilst searching for ideas on the internet, I came across this blog I thought looked interesting:
The blog features works of political matters and art. What caught my eye most was the imagery that was posted: