Monday, 27 February 2012

Channel Ident Brief

Channel Ident Brief:

For this brief, we've been assigned to create a 10 second Channel Ident of our choice.
I've decided to do BBC Three because of what genre the channel hosts: Comedy.


For my Channel Ident, I'm playing with the idea of Kinetic Typography. 
I got the idea from the adverts by Comedy Central (above), where voices of familiar characters from programs featured on the channel are animated by type. 
I also want to do this idea because BBC Three haven't done an kinetic type ident, a lot of things are said in the space of 40-50 seconds and because it sounds funny:

More Kinetic Type Animations:


Dot Dot Dot:
What I liked about this was:

  • How the animator 'preserves' the content of this 'review', by not correcting spelling mistakes the original writer made. Doing this makes the clip sound funnier when the narrater pronounces what is written.
  • The overlapping of text and pace of them in-keeping to the pace of the audio.
  • The added music track 'Carmina Buerena' to emphasis the 'critics' anger about the game.
  • How the animation in general just sounds like the ramblings of a mad man.
Where's my money?:
I like this animation because of how it cleverly uses type.

  • It repeats some words using the same text to illuminate both characters speaking. 
  • I also like how both characters are defined by colour:

Stewie Grffin = white text
Brian Griffin = black text

Other things I like about this are:

  • How the text 'illustrates' Stewie's attack on Brian. 
  • How the background changes colour to emphasis the change of the mood of the scenario.
  • How the text overlaps each other in the fight sequence.
  • How Brian's text 'reacts' to the attack.


Family Guy Kinetic Typography:

I liked:
  • How they used imagery from family guy in the animation. 

kinetic typography family guy:

I liked:
  • How the character narrates himself going through the daily motions of his life.
  • How there's a gradual pace, not 'in your face' and gone again. 

Family Guy -- Brian and Stewie Kinetic Type


Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Work Experience

Work Experience 

From Christmas, we've been advised to start looking for work experience for companies, agencies, etc during the summer holidays. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to ask yet, because my college work has become very time consuming. 
So I messaged my cousin Wayne if he would let me do some work experience for him and his music group, should I not successfully find any  work placements elsewhere.
My cousin Wayne and another cousin of mine, Dean and their cousin Jamie, run a music group called 'Colside', previously known as 'Coldside Generals'. They create their' own music and tour the country to play at gigs. 

I've been asked to do some design work for them before and I've been more than happy to obliged. The only problem I've had is just finding the time to sit down to do so. I've done bits
and bobs in between finished briefs, but nothing I would use. They're more like drafts and 
ideas. But I would be thrilled to do some art work for them:

This is one of their tracks below:
 Coldside Generals - Oh My God(Remix) Ft Labrinth

Tuesday, 21 February 2012



  • In March, I'm going to go to London for two days with college to visit some galleries, studios and possibly attend portfolio visits.
  • In April, I'm hoping to go to Northen Digital's next Blab meeting with some friends to hear Peter Saville and Vaughan Oliver speak about their' experiences in the industry.

Blab: What's it like?

I can't say for sure as I've attended one 'Blab mini' event, not a 'Blab' event. Different things are hosted depending on which event you go to. 
Anyway, 'Blab mini was the first event I went to, it was in December 2011. I went with some people from college. 
It was a slow start as we arrived around 5:30 - 6:00 pm and were told it didn't begin until 7:00pm - 7:30pm? (Despite what time it said it started on the internet.)
Non the less, we eventually got in the room where we saw a projector, the spot light for the speakers work.
One by one, the speakers took their' turns showing what they found or did in response to a question given to them by their co-workers. 
The result: the speakers made everyone feel comfortable and encouraged the laughter of their work. Everyone had a great time, I certainly did. There was a lot of networking chatter among the speakers and attendees. 
The only downside for me was how late the event was finishing. Me and my friend left at 11:00pm and it was still going strong. I wanted to stay longer but I had to make it home and get up for college the next morning. Maybe if their events are held a few hours earlier it, I could visit them more?

I'm hoping to go to the April 'Blab' 10 event fingers crossed. The link below has more information about the 'Blab Nights':

I've not been to the 'Blab' nights recorded in these videos below. I just wanted to post them on here to give an idea what it's like being at one: 

'Mr Bingo talking at BLAB'

(February 9th 2011)

'Tash Willcocks - Design Inspiration Talk Manchester'

(3rd November 2011)

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Design Books/Magazines, Trips, etc.

Design Books/Magazines 

I saw this today in the college library and picked it up out of curiosity. 
It's a magazine for youths, run by youths, from ages ranging roughly at 18 to 24 yrs.
Inside, it hosts informative information for creative individuals, featuring advice and job opportunities.

Reading it, I found it very insightful. At first, I assumed it was a magazine for young teenagers only. I'm glad I was wrong after reading this. I love it!

I found it so captivating that I'm going to recommend my cousin's to read it. My cousins run a music group called 'Coldside', (formally known as 'Coldside Generals') who reside in Manchester. The reason I'm recommending this to them is because of the music related articles and so on.

There's a segment in this that caught my eye (pg 57). It screams for the aid of creatives from many fields. I'm keen myself to respond to them, although I need some time to decide what to write to them about.

For further information, 'Live' also host a website, go to:

'Live' wasn't the first creative magazine I found whilst in college. In my old college, I read a few creative reviews.
Last year, I found the 'Art Student' magazine in the library. This is right up any creative person's street. It offers advice about jobs, work experience, step-by-step guide tutorial to create penciled illustrations into digital art and so on.
I only stopped reading this after a while because I thought there would be a continual magazine every month or so. I still have this at home and refer to it frequently. Very handy and educational.

I found this 'Imagine FX' in Asda for roughly around £5.00. I read a previous issue of this magazine before at my friend's house, which was how I came to know of it. I then scoured Asda for the next issue and found this. I was over the moon when I bought it, unfortunately I bought one without the free disk inside. I've been devastated since, but hope to find the tutorial disk from this elsewhere in future.
Thankfully, I found Imagine FX are on youtube:

This is jam-packed with guided tutorials on how to digitally create and manipulate imagery and elements in photoshop, etc.

For additional information, go to:

About four or so months ago, I got the following issue from 'Imagine FX' and remembered to get the DVD this time! Haha!

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Tom Bancroft: Blurb of New Book

Tom Bancroft is an artist that worked for Disney, the same guy I messaged a few months ago on Deviant Art about his work! (Mentioned in my last post):

Anyway, he posted a video on youtube about a book of his he recently published to the public. He talks about character designs based mainly on static imagery, rather than animation and useful methods to apply to your design work.
I thought this was interesting as I'm always drawing characters whenever I get spare time:

I'll try to preview it on Amazon and see if his book might help me with future work.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Vimeo & Deviant Art, etc.


Over the christmas holiday, I tried to create a website to post my work out on the web. I made it through iweb. Unfortunately, I ran into a few problems trying to publish it and had to resort to other methods:

It's online now (apparently), but I can't find it on google at the moment. Also, the domain name I've used to publish it will only last a year, so I'm not thrilled. I wanted to try to make a website of my own so I had control over what I wanted it to look like, feature and not be costly.

Vimeo & Deviant

Last year I made an accounts on Vimeo and Deviant Art.
I'm still posting videos on vimeo, although that will take some time as some still need sound applied to them.
Two months ago, I discovered an animator on Deviant, who worked for Disney:

I messaged him a while ago about how I like his work and he wrote back! 

When I finish uploading my films, I'm going to contact him and ask if he could give me any feedback on my current work.