Monday, 27 February 2012

Channel Ident Brief

Channel Ident Brief:

For this brief, we've been assigned to create a 10 second Channel Ident of our choice.
I've decided to do BBC Three because of what genre the channel hosts: Comedy.


For my Channel Ident, I'm playing with the idea of Kinetic Typography. 
I got the idea from the adverts by Comedy Central (above), where voices of familiar characters from programs featured on the channel are animated by type. 
I also want to do this idea because BBC Three haven't done an kinetic type ident, a lot of things are said in the space of 40-50 seconds and because it sounds funny:

More Kinetic Type Animations:


Dot Dot Dot:
What I liked about this was:

  • How the animator 'preserves' the content of this 'review', by not correcting spelling mistakes the original writer made. Doing this makes the clip sound funnier when the narrater pronounces what is written.
  • The overlapping of text and pace of them in-keeping to the pace of the audio.
  • The added music track 'Carmina Buerena' to emphasis the 'critics' anger about the game.
  • How the animation in general just sounds like the ramblings of a mad man.
Where's my money?:
I like this animation because of how it cleverly uses type.

  • It repeats some words using the same text to illuminate both characters speaking. 
  • I also like how both characters are defined by colour:

Stewie Grffin = white text
Brian Griffin = black text

Other things I like about this are:

  • How the text 'illustrates' Stewie's attack on Brian. 
  • How the background changes colour to emphasis the change of the mood of the scenario.
  • How the text overlaps each other in the fight sequence.
  • How Brian's text 'reacts' to the attack.


Family Guy Kinetic Typography:

I liked:
  • How they used imagery from family guy in the animation. 

kinetic typography family guy:

I liked:
  • How the character narrates himself going through the daily motions of his life.
  • How there's a gradual pace, not 'in your face' and gone again. 

Family Guy -- Brian and Stewie Kinetic Type


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