Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Design Books/Magazines, Trips, etc.

Design Books/Magazines 

I saw this today in the college library and picked it up out of curiosity. 
It's a magazine for youths, run by youths, from ages ranging roughly at 18 to 24 yrs.
Inside, it hosts informative information for creative individuals, featuring advice and job opportunities.

Reading it, I found it very insightful. At first, I assumed it was a magazine for young teenagers only. I'm glad I was wrong after reading this. I love it!

I found it so captivating that I'm going to recommend my cousin's to read it. My cousins run a music group called 'Coldside', (formally known as 'Coldside Generals') who reside in Manchester. The reason I'm recommending this to them is because of the music related articles and so on.

There's a segment in this that caught my eye (pg 57). It screams for the aid of creatives from many fields. I'm keen myself to respond to them, although I need some time to decide what to write to them about.

For further information, 'Live' also host a website, go to:

'Live' wasn't the first creative magazine I found whilst in college. In my old college, I read a few creative reviews.
Last year, I found the 'Art Student' magazine in the library. This is right up any creative person's street. It offers advice about jobs, work experience, step-by-step guide tutorial to create penciled illustrations into digital art and so on.
I only stopped reading this after a while because I thought there would be a continual magazine every month or so. I still have this at home and refer to it frequently. Very handy and educational.

I found this 'Imagine FX' in Asda for roughly around £5.00. I read a previous issue of this magazine before at my friend's house, which was how I came to know of it. I then scoured Asda for the next issue and found this. I was over the moon when I bought it, unfortunately I bought one without the free disk inside. I've been devastated since, but hope to find the tutorial disk from this elsewhere in future.
Thankfully, I found Imagine FX are on youtube:

This is jam-packed with guided tutorials on how to digitally create and manipulate imagery and elements in photoshop, etc.

For additional information, go to:

About four or so months ago, I got the following issue from 'Imagine FX' and remembered to get the DVD this time! Haha!

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