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  • In March, I'm going to go to London for two days with college to visit some galleries, studios and possibly attend portfolio visits.
  • In April, I'm hoping to go to Northen Digital's next Blab meeting with some friends to hear Peter Saville and Vaughan Oliver speak about their' experiences in the industry.

Blab: What's it like?

I can't say for sure as I've attended one 'Blab mini' event, not a 'Blab' event. Different things are hosted depending on which event you go to. 
Anyway, 'Blab mini was the first event I went to, it was in December 2011. I went with some people from college. 
It was a slow start as we arrived around 5:30 - 6:00 pm and were told it didn't begin until 7:00pm - 7:30pm? (Despite what time it said it started on the internet.)
Non the less, we eventually got in the room where we saw a projector, the spot light for the speakers work.
One by one, the speakers took their' turns showing what they found or did in response to a question given to them by their co-workers. 
The result: the speakers made everyone feel comfortable and encouraged the laughter of their work. Everyone had a great time, I certainly did. There was a lot of networking chatter among the speakers and attendees. 
The only downside for me was how late the event was finishing. Me and my friend left at 11:00pm and it was still going strong. I wanted to stay longer but I had to make it home and get up for college the next morning. Maybe if their events are held a few hours earlier it, I could visit them more?

I'm hoping to go to the April 'Blab' 10 event fingers crossed. The link below has more information about the 'Blab Nights':

I've not been to the 'Blab' nights recorded in these videos below. I just wanted to post them on here to give an idea what it's like being at one: 

'Mr Bingo talking at BLAB'

(February 9th 2011)

'Tash Willcocks - Design Inspiration Talk Manchester'

(3rd November 2011)

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