Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Vimeo & Deviant Art, etc.


Over the christmas holiday, I tried to create a website to post my work out on the web. I made it through iweb. Unfortunately, I ran into a few problems trying to publish it and had to resort to other methods:

It's online now (apparently), but I can't find it on google at the moment. Also, the domain name I've used to publish it will only last a year, so I'm not thrilled. I wanted to try to make a website of my own so I had control over what I wanted it to look like, feature and not be costly.

Vimeo & Deviant

Last year I made an accounts on Vimeo and Deviant Art.
I'm still posting videos on vimeo, although that will take some time as some still need sound applied to them.
Two months ago, I discovered an animator on Deviant, who worked for Disney:

I messaged him a while ago about how I like his work and he wrote back! 

When I finish uploading my films, I'm going to contact him and ask if he could give me any feedback on my current work.

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