Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Work Experience

Work Experience 

From Christmas, we've been advised to start looking for work experience for companies, agencies, etc during the summer holidays. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to ask yet, because my college work has become very time consuming. 
So I messaged my cousin Wayne if he would let me do some work experience for him and his music group, should I not successfully find any  work placements elsewhere.
My cousin Wayne and another cousin of mine, Dean and their cousin Jamie, run a music group called 'Colside', previously known as 'Coldside Generals'. They create their' own music and tour the country to play at gigs. 

I've been asked to do some design work for them before and I've been more than happy to obliged. The only problem I've had is just finding the time to sit down to do so. I've done bits
and bobs in between finished briefs, but nothing I would use. They're more like drafts and 
ideas. But I would be thrilled to do some art work for them:

This is one of their tracks below:
 Coldside Generals - Oh My God(Remix) Ft Labrinth

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