Monday, 26 March 2012

BBC Olympics Intro Sequences

For this brief, we were assigned to create 5 intro sequences, lasting only 5 seconds each.

Idea 1:

One of my ideas for this is using animals in relation to their strengths/lifestyles/environments and to the sports of the Olympic games. E.g.
  • Swimming - Competitor = fish or penguin, etc.
  • Running - Competitor = Cheetah, etc.
That's when I found this video below. Created by Jamie Hewlett, the artist from Gorillaz, it's a brilliant reference for what I may convey.

What attracted me to this (other than it was created for the Olympic Games a few years ago) was what elements the characters represented. 
The Monkey = Air
The Pig/Boar = Earth
The Man = Water

I know the three characters are subliminally referring to the tale 'Journey to the west' ('Monkey King is an indeed rebellious extraordinary being, born out of a rock, fertilized by the grace of Heaven' -
 I don't what that aspect in my work. Just the focus of the 'humanoid' animal's' strengths in the games, as well as what they are genetically built for.

Idea 2:

Another idea I have come up with is possibly 'categorizing' some sports in the intro sequences, and symbolizing them somehow, like these 'pokemon' symbols below:

(Play this from 0:00 to 0:04) I've selected this clip because of how it eases in the channel ident of the show. If I go ahead with this idea, I want to possibly ease in the 'sport element' logo in my intro sequence a bit like the clip below:

London Trip with College

On the 23rd of March, I came back from a three day trip in London with college.

David Hockney Exhibit:

Whilst there, we saw the David Hockney Exhibition at the Royal Academy. Sadly, we weren't allowed to take any pictures, this was all I could bring back from the gallery:

With my student card, it cost £9.00 to get in.

Once inside, I saw lots of painted images of trees and country sided environments.
Some were the same, but they were also different. e.g. Two paintings of trees, same positions, scales, etc. What was different about them was they endured the changing seasons. One would be in the spring and the other would be in the autumn.
What I found interesting about Hockney's work was he had a variety of stuff on show. Yes the themes that ran throughout most of his pieces were trees, plants and vegetation, but the mediums he used to capture them ranged from different canvas scales, photomontage, video footage and the illustrative technology of an Ipad!

Pearblossom Highway - 1986

(The cinematic experience of Hockney's plant life throughout the seasons)

I thought it was a very interesting exhibit, mostly because I'm growing flowers at the moment. I'm a fan of things like art nouveau and calligraphy, so for me seeing some of Hockney's interpretation on plant life was very lovely.

David Hockney - full Channel 4 News interview

This video is of Hockey being interviewed about his art work in the Royal Academy in London.

The Science Museum:

After viewing Hockey's exhibit, we all went to the science museum. These pictures below are what I took whilst there:

Three studios: Double G, Momoco and Trunk:
 Whilst in London, we went to see three Studios, Trunk, Double G and Momoco. 

    Trunk showed us these videos below:

      The video on the left was to get the public to reconsider where they put their rubbish rather than throw it on the floor.
      The video on the right shows a variety of ways in which type and typefaces can be manipulated.

      This video was one of four commercials created for the Australian bank Suncorp.

      Trunk's website is below:  

      Momoco was another studio we went to see. This was my favorite place because they made a film opening sequence from the film '30 Days of Night'. I've watched that film, it's soo good I won't watch it on my own anymore.

      '30 Days of Night film trailer'

      The studio workers said they did some filming in a dark room in their' studio, shinning very few lights on objects like photographs, etc. They also took pictures of their' colleges sprawled on the floor as 'bloody victims' and showed us what they had and made.

      They were a bit shy. but very nice.
      They said they take on roughly 4 - 5 projects at a time. I was surprised because there are a handful of people that work in such a small studio, you wouldn't think they were capable of grafting so much work.

      Double G

      Double G was my second favorite studio visit. There they showed us a lot of the work they'd recently produced.
      Two pieces of their' work I remember are the E4 Robots and the Animal Planet 'Worlds'.

      They said the robot idea came to being from dancing at a festival they attended, whilst dressed up as robots. They thought it would be a suitable idea for the E4 TV channel playing Omnibus programmes from the day before, otherwise dubbed as 'hangover TV'.
      So they hired dancers to wear these cardboard 'robotic' suit and were told to have a dance off with their competition. They said there were some issues in doing this because the dancers couldn't move well in the suits, but they had a go all the same. There was some funny dance sequences as a result, all of us (college students) were laughing.
      Eventually, they got someone to design the robot costumes for the successful dancers and they were on their' way to filming.
      More issues seemed to compile as their deadline for this project drew closer. They had a few days of shooting the dancers on the set and they had to keep turning the set lights off when they weren't being used because they were costing them.
      All the dancers were filmed on the same set. The only difference with the set was when some of the dancers were finished on the yellow background set, it got painted blue and once it was dry, they threw on the next set of dancers.

      This project was about creating Channel Idents for Animal Planet.
      This made me laugh because they explained when they were given the brief, they were told the target audience for the programme was 'old women/people with pets'. I watch Animal Planet all the time!
      They created four themes of these little worlds:
      • The wild with the grisly bears
      • The wild with the meercats and hippos
      • The wild with the penguins
      • And the urban enviroment with a cat and dog
      They said they wanted the animals to have an origami look to them, slightly cuboid.

        Saturday, 24 March 2012


        I recently got in touch with an old friend of mine. I bumped into his mum a few times whilst shopping and she told me he did some animations. Messaging him this, he said some of his animations were previewed at the Corner House in Manchester some years ago and gave me a link to the website where his were:

        His animation was the recreation of the snow man:

        Wednesday, 14 March 2012

        Art Deco Plaza

        Yesterday, I spent dinner with my mum and gran at the Plaza building in Stockport. I've always wanted to go in but it always looked to me like it was closed. 
        Having dinner there, the people who serve you also dress in the work clothing of the Deco period.  After we ate, we explored the rest of the building to find there is an enormous theatre that is still in use.
        Wherever you looked, the building was covered in some decorative form of Art Deco.
        It really is lovely being in this building, you feel as though you've stepped into another era, like the film 'Public Enemies'. 

        The staff were really nice, they gave us a quick tour around the building for free, telling us facts about the building. I hope to go again soon to get some better pictures.