Sunday, 29 April 2012

Twilight Breaking Dawn: Making

Yes I'm a Twilight fan, guilty. 
If you don't like Twilight, this post might not be to your liking.

I've read the last three books and thought they were great. Mostly because I'm into dark-ish supernatural stories, especially vampire ones. That and I'm a sucker for romance novels.

Being in Moving Image though, made me more curious as to how the fourth film was made. 
For me, Twilight was partially a dark film to begin with anyway, mystery/fantasy orientated. As the films have progressed, they become more darker, as the 'reality' the main characters endure are tested and pushed.

What caught my attention most from the book and film was Bella's Pregnancy.
The videos below are some of the making behind Breaking Dawn. Director Bill Condon and his team on the film have tried to get the perspective across of 'what would happen if this was real' to the audiences. 

I think it's brilliant how Condon and his team managed to pull off the demands the Breaking Dawn book had.
  • Bella loses about half her body weight within a span of two weeks.
  • Anything she tries to eat, her body rejects because it's not benefiting the foetus.
  • She is slowly and painfully dying as a result.
This is what Condon has tried to convey through the film.

The book is etched in detail of Bella's appearance and endurance of the pregnancy. It describes a lot of blood and gore in the birth scene.
Condon says [in the making videos below] that he wanted the audience to see what was happening from Bella's perspective/visuals.
For some of the scenes, a life-sized puppet of Bella was used instead of Kristen.
  • Edward making compressions on Bella in an attempt to revive her. Robert did them so forcefully, he could have easily broken Kristen's ribs.
  • The moment Bella collapses to the floor. The crew wanted a dramatic and realistic moment without obviously hurting Kristen. There were test moments were the puppet wacked it's 'head' on the coffee table.

Twilight - The Pregnancy

Twilight - The Birth

Blab 10 - Peter Saville and Vaughan Oliver

On the 16th of April, I went to 'Band on the wall' in Manchester to listen to Peter Saville and Vaughan Oliver. They were both guest speakers for Blab 10. Both of them only had an hour to speak, so they quickly guided us through their experiences and careers.

Peter sat for the hour talking about his experiences and the industry. In the last 30-20 minutes, the man who sat opposite Peter asked him questions from anonymous emails. Peter answered as many as he could whilst entertaining the audience with funny moments from his life.

Vaughan brought with him a powerpoint of his life's work. He skimmed through his images and spoke in great detail of their' processes and the funny moments that came making them.

I was sat in the balcony trying to get some good pictures. Sorry they aren't the best quality, the room was fairly dark and I took them with my blackberry phone.

Friday, 20 April 2012

Potential Animation Project?

I messaged a man called Carl Whiteley a few days ago because I wanted to know if he had any work experience I could do during the summer holidays.
Also, I was inquiring about a proposed animation he some people he knows were going to do. That was around two years ago and the last time I asked him, he said they had to post-pone it.

I think the small film was going to be called 'Zombella'. I was excited when I heard about it, there was a group on facebook for it too, but I can't seem to find it now.

I've messaged Carl on more than one occasion. Once was me asking a favor of him: to have a zombie event in town. It was a brief from college and we decided to have a zombie theme to it. Thinking Carl was the right person to ask help for a venue/event, he was more than happy to oblige. Unfortunately, some of the college people we were working with on the brief got ill and we didn't have a lot of time left when they got well again. So we had to change any laid out plans completely, we were all disheartened from it. I thanked Carl anyway for his help.

Carl by the way is one of the guys that help create events called 'Zombie Aid'. People turn up to these events dressed as zombies or whatever you fancy and any proceeds made go to charity.

I was at this event! The one thing that makes me laugh with this video is you can see the backs of me and my friend walking past at 0:12 on the right hand side, haha! I should have waved! What makes me laugh even more with this is one of my tutors was there too! Just brilliant haha!
It was my first zombie aid event and it was just fantastic (I thought anyway)!

Coldside: Art Project

I've mentioned Coldside in a previous post:

Catherine Egan - MI: Work Experience: Work Experience  From Christmas, we've been advised to start looking for work experience for companies, agencies, etc during the summer ho...

Whenever I've had a bit of free time, I've been designing more concept art for the Coldside Boys.

This is some feedback from Zane about some of my art:

I'm over the moon! Can't wait to create more art for them. I have to do some more research though like the grundge art style, as they are keen for something in relation to that. Let the creativity begin! :D

Caught my interest...

I was doing my usual collecting and referencing images I liked and putting them on my flicker when I saw these illustrations. Aren't they beautiful! I love them! :D

They are character designs based on the story: 'The Little Mermaid'. Marina Siu-Chong is the artist behind these very inventive characters. She says in her blog: ' I decided to make the mermaids more fish-like; a bit monstrous, but pretty in their own way.'
Frankly, I think she's hit the mark with these. For humanoid beings to live in an underwater environment, I can imagine they would share many resemblances with their' fishy neighbors like gills, tails and fins.
I love work like this because it reminds me of when I draw characters for my animations :D
Just amazing Marina! I would love to see the characters possibly animated :D  

Her blog site is:

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Royal Exchange

The other day, my gran mentioned to me that an article in the paper might be of interest to me. It was about the Royal exchange in London, asking young people if they want to have their' work publicly featured and so on.
I've glanced at the website but not sure if my current work fits within it's requirements. Never the less, I will have another look at it soon. But for those who are interested in it, hurry up! The deadline for it's entries ends on the 20th of April! Chop! Chop!

Cargo Website

Some months ago, I asked a friend from college if he could invite me to Cargo:

He did and since I joined, I didn't know what to do on it. I was worried it would be one of them website builders that would require you to put in loads of cripted codes and so on. Turns out that's not the case thankgod-ish. I think you can if you were a more advanced user and you paid to have more stuff from Cargo's service.
But I wanted a simple website that would just put my work up for the world to see, especially after my first attempt of creating a website with iweb.

Anyway, I made a lot of progress today by tweaking my now current website. It was confusing at first, but I managed to find the usual 'type up' stuff and 'upload images' stuff. This is what I have done at the moment, I'm just glad it works!

I wanted to add more of my work but Cargo said 'I'd reached my limit' with the project pages. So I think I will have to make catagories of all of what I've made, e.g. 'Spare Time' 'First Year Work' 'Second Year Work', etc.
It's been fun using it though. I'm a little less stressed at the prospect of featuring my work on my own website online now. I hope to tweak more of it soon when I finish some college work.
If you want to see it, go to:

Most of my current work is featured on it now, but it might not be there later due to changes. You can also find them on my Vimeo:

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

My Collections of General Interest...

From December 9, 2010, I have made several albums called 'Collection of General Interest' on facebook. 
In them are pictures and screen shots of things I like and have been intrigued by. Sadly, in the rush to upload these pictures, I haven't referenced where I got them from. I know where some things came from by memory, but otherwise no links to locate their' source.

(examples of my albums below)

Anyway, it has gotten to the point of me having 11 of these albums on facebook. They're not on show to the public as I don't want comments, etcetera. 

When I told my tutor about my albums, he recommended that I continue my archiving of images by making a Flicker account. Doing this, I have began archiving where I find my images now. 
So whoever views my albums on Flicker, they can now follow the website links I attach to them.
I'm enjoying collecting images for the Flicker album now, as I refer to them more so than I have with my facebook albums.

This image above is just one of a few images I've found intriguing and inspiring.
To view my Flicker album, you can follow the link below: