Sunday, 29 April 2012

Blab 10 - Peter Saville and Vaughan Oliver

On the 16th of April, I went to 'Band on the wall' in Manchester to listen to Peter Saville and Vaughan Oliver. They were both guest speakers for Blab 10. Both of them only had an hour to speak, so they quickly guided us through their experiences and careers.

Peter sat for the hour talking about his experiences and the industry. In the last 30-20 minutes, the man who sat opposite Peter asked him questions from anonymous emails. Peter answered as many as he could whilst entertaining the audience with funny moments from his life.

Vaughan brought with him a powerpoint of his life's work. He skimmed through his images and spoke in great detail of their' processes and the funny moments that came making them.

I was sat in the balcony trying to get some good pictures. Sorry they aren't the best quality, the room was fairly dark and I took them with my blackberry phone.

Here are some better quality pictures from the event. They are not mine, but you can find them on the links below. They were submitted on Flicker by Northen Digitals.

Peter Saville being question by a Blab worker.

Vaughan Oliver showing the audience his work.

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