Saturday, 14 April 2012

Cargo Website

Some months ago, I asked a friend from college if he could invite me to Cargo:

He did and since I joined, I didn't know what to do on it. I was worried it would be one of them website builders that would require you to put in loads of cripted codes and so on. Turns out that's not the case thankgod-ish. I think you can if you were a more advanced user and you paid to have more stuff from Cargo's service.
But I wanted a simple website that would just put my work up for the world to see, especially after my first attempt of creating a website with iweb.

Anyway, I made a lot of progress today by tweaking my now current website. It was confusing at first, but I managed to find the usual 'type up' stuff and 'upload images' stuff. This is what I have done at the moment, I'm just glad it works!

I wanted to add more of my work but Cargo said 'I'd reached my limit' with the project pages. So I think I will have to make catagories of all of what I've made, e.g. 'Spare Time' 'First Year Work' 'Second Year Work', etc.
It's been fun using it though. I'm a little less stressed at the prospect of featuring my work on my own website online now. I hope to tweak more of it soon when I finish some college work.
If you want to see it, go to:

Most of my current work is featured on it now, but it might not be there later due to changes. You can also find them on my Vimeo:

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