Friday, 20 April 2012

Caught my interest...

I was doing my usual collecting and referencing images I liked and putting them on my flicker when I saw these illustrations. Aren't they beautiful! I love them! :D

They are character designs based on the story: 'The Little Mermaid'. Marina Siu-Chong is the artist behind these very inventive characters. She says in her blog: ' I decided to make the mermaids more fish-like; a bit monstrous, but pretty in their own way.'
Frankly, I think she's hit the mark with these. For humanoid beings to live in an underwater environment, I can imagine they would share many resemblances with their' fishy neighbors like gills, tails and fins.
I love work like this because it reminds me of when I draw characters for my animations :D
Just amazing Marina! I would love to see the characters possibly animated :D  

Her blog site is:

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