Wednesday, 11 April 2012

My Collections of General Interest...

From December 9, 2010, I have made several albums called 'Collection of General Interest' on facebook. 
In them are pictures and screen shots of things I like and have been intrigued by. Sadly, in the rush to upload these pictures, I haven't referenced where I got them from. I know where some things came from by memory, but otherwise no links to locate their' source.

(examples of my albums below)

Anyway, it has gotten to the point of me having 11 of these albums on facebook. They're not on show to the public as I don't want comments, etcetera. 

When I told my tutor about my albums, he recommended that I continue my archiving of images by making a Flicker account. Doing this, I have began archiving where I find my images now. 
So whoever views my albums on Flicker, they can now follow the website links I attach to them.
I'm enjoying collecting images for the Flicker album now, as I refer to them more so than I have with my facebook albums.

This image above is just one of a few images I've found intriguing and inspiring.
To view my Flicker album, you can follow the link below:

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