Friday, 20 April 2012

Potential Animation Project?

I messaged a man called Carl Whiteley a few days ago because I wanted to know if he had any work experience I could do during the summer holidays.
Also, I was inquiring about a proposed animation he some people he knows were going to do. That was around two years ago and the last time I asked him, he said they had to post-pone it.

I think the small film was going to be called 'Zombella'. I was excited when I heard about it, there was a group on facebook for it too, but I can't seem to find it now.

I've messaged Carl on more than one occasion. Once was me asking a favor of him: to have a zombie event in town. It was a brief from college and we decided to have a zombie theme to it. Thinking Carl was the right person to ask help for a venue/event, he was more than happy to oblige. Unfortunately, some of the college people we were working with on the brief got ill and we didn't have a lot of time left when they got well again. So we had to change any laid out plans completely, we were all disheartened from it. I thanked Carl anyway for his help.

Carl by the way is one of the guys that help create events called 'Zombie Aid'. People turn up to these events dressed as zombies or whatever you fancy and any proceeds made go to charity.

I was at this event! The one thing that makes me laugh with this video is you can see the backs of me and my friend walking past at 0:12 on the right hand side, haha! I should have waved! What makes me laugh even more with this is one of my tutors was there too! Just brilliant haha!
It was my first zombie aid event and it was just fantastic (I thought anyway)!

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