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Twilight Breaking Dawn: Making

Yes I'm a Twilight fan, guilty. 
If you don't like Twilight, this post might not be to your liking.

I've read the last three books and thought they were great. Mostly because I'm into dark-ish supernatural stories, especially vampire ones. That and I'm a sucker for romance novels.

Being in Moving Image though, made me more curious as to how the fourth film was made. 
For me, Twilight was partially a dark film to begin with anyway, mystery/fantasy orientated. As the films have progressed, they become more darker, as the 'reality' the main characters endure are tested and pushed.

What caught my attention most from the book and film was Bella's Pregnancy.
The videos below are some of the making behind Breaking Dawn. Director Bill Condon and his team on the film have tried to get the perspective across of 'what would happen if this was real' to the audiences. 

I think it's brilliant how Condon and his team managed to pull off the demands the Breaking Dawn book had.
  • Bella loses about half her body weight within a span of two weeks.
  • Anything she tries to eat, her body rejects because it's not benefiting the foetus.
  • She is slowly and painfully dying as a result.
This is what Condon has tried to convey through the film.

The book is etched in detail of Bella's appearance and endurance of the pregnancy. It describes a lot of blood and gore in the birth scene.
Condon says [in the making videos below] that he wanted the audience to see what was happening from Bella's perspective/visuals.
For some of the scenes, a life-sized puppet of Bella was used instead of Kristen.
  • Edward making compressions on Bella in an attempt to revive her. Robert did them so forcefully, he could have easily broken Kristen's ribs.
  • The moment Bella collapses to the floor. The crew wanted a dramatic and realistic moment without obviously hurting Kristen. There were test moments were the puppet wacked it's 'head' on the coffee table.

Twilight - The Pregnancy

Twilight - The Birth

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