Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Dream Diary & Stories

Since my first year in Moving Image, I've kept a diary under my bed for any dreams or nightmares I have.

It aided me during one of my first year projects. I made a 'dream catcher' spider web and stuck mine and my classmates dreams on it. The result was brilliant. Everyone viewed everybody's work anyway to see what the other had done. I noticed some people read what I stuck on of mine and others dreams, they laughed.

My Dreams/Nightmares:

Some one else's dream:

My 'Dream Catcher' Spider Web of Dreams - Without the dreams stuck on

Anyway, my dream diary has a lot of crazy stories. I try to record any that I remember, preferably funny ones. These are just two from my diary. I try to draw what I visually see within my dreams as well as write them down, to help myself remember more when I read them again:

This one was about trying to escape from some creepy beings who were intent on caging me and my family. Potentially hurt us too. We manage to escape somehow, and find the exit through a long tunnel to the surface. All the while, two shadow-like hands were homing in on us. There was this real fear of being caught by them.
So it was a 'run away fast as you can' type of dream. 

This one was about my auntie Jacqueline. She passed away some five years ago. But in the dream, she came to visit us. Nearly the whole family was there. She sat quietly listening to everyone else speak. It was as though she never left, although her hair was different, like a long, blonde afro style.  
It was a sad and joyful dream to 'see her again'.

My mum also had a dream a few years ago where Jaqueline 'visited' us. It was the day before my birthday. She and Jacki were gabbing away. Jacki said she 'came round' to drop off some presents for me. My mum now partially believes she visits us through our dreams. I hope that's true. It's another reason why I document my dreams.

I hope to animate some of my dreams when I get free time, if not for a future brief.

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