Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Kilogramme Animation

My tutor recently told me about Kilogramme. He suggested I have a look at what they do and write about them as I am interested in hand drawn and stop still animation.
Here's their' website:

Refuse and Recycling in the Ribble Valley

I looked at this video because of the hand drawn animation aspect. However, it seems it could be accomplished in flash, as well as Photoshop.
This video is about recycling waste in the right bins, and the 'dos and don'ts' that come with them.
This to me seems to appeal to young children, because despite the characters scenarios, it's fairly colourful, cartoon orientated and light hearted.

Tall tales


I looked at this video because of the Stop Motion animation aspect. Although, it looks like something you can create in Maya.
In this video, a little girl asks where does Milkshake come from. She gets an answer from the narrator, however, he tells her a story that all together doesn't sound true, making the girl question his response.
It seems to be a short appealing to the imaginations of young children. It's very light hearted and even a little comical.

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