Saturday, 5 May 2012

The Simpsons and then some...

Whilst altering my Bradford Museum post, I typed in Thor on the net and came across this image below.
Thor 'Simpsonized'!

I love it! The idea of cartooning a favored character, and in the Simpsons way made me ecstatic. I like character design anyway and even the thought of character animation. So when I saw more of these images, I was buzzing with excitement and ideas.
Basically, a man called Dean has decided to do some character designs based on 'The Simpsons' illustrative style. He has done so many and drawn them soo well! There's more images below:

Two versions of Gotham's villian Poison Ivy. I like the one on the left best.

 Two more Gotham villians, The Joker and his sidekick, Harley.

 Doctor Who Characters: The Doctor's Wife and The Doctor.

Two older versions of The Doctor.

Even Darth Maul!

There are hundreds more of his character designs on his blogspot:

I love his work already. This is what Dean has put his art about on his blog:

'Springfield Punx is a little pet project of mine. The idea of doing fan art parodying some of my favorite characters and stars in such a fun and simple style got me hooked immediately'.

I can't wait to see more of his work. I've now subscribed to his blog. When I get more free time, I'm going to scroll his blog for more of his character references and designs. I think they're just brilliant!

I would be worried if I did something like this myself incase of any copyright infringement and stuff. But he says the people who work on The Simpsons saw some of his work were actually impressed:
(Article screen shot of Dean's work, with a built up story & Dean's own opinion about the topic.)

'Apparently, the Sun UK is reporting that "American Doctor Who fans are campaigning for the Timelord to appear in an episode of cartoon classic The Simpsons.'

'Now don't get me wrong, it's really cool to see the pics up there on the Sun and have a bunch of people see them, but I have no knowledge of any American campaign to get the Ol' Doc on the Simpsons.'

'At any rate, this seems to be an amusing example of media taking images and building a story around them.'
(A story built up around Dean's artwork of Doctor Who and the Simpson's, quote below)
'Geeks at the Comic-Con festival in the US leaked the colourful characters as rumours circulated that The Simpsons’ producers are planning a Doctor Who special.'
'Beeb insiders last night admitted that bosses were “impressed” by the creations.'
'But they stressed there were no plans at the moment for a Doctor Who Simpsons special.'

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