Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Some Animations and Films I like



The show is called Roy, it's about a cartoon character (Roy), who lives in Ireland and goes through the motions of beginning school. It's the kind of program that probes the question 'What would life be like if cartoons lived with us?'

I saw this a few months ago. My sisters (who are 9) watch it sometimes. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this because it's not something you come across frequently on a kids channel. Interlinking the mediums film and animation, I thought this was brilliant. 
What makes me laugh the most is that Roy has an Irish accent. It sounds cute and funny.

The PageMaster:

Roy also reminded me of 'The Pagemaster' because of the rotoscoping (e.g. The scene where Richard Tyler gets swallowed whole by paint).


(The scene where Richard Tyler gets swallowed whole by paint and becomes a cartoon there after.)

(Before and after: Richard Tyler, Normal and cartoon form.)


The Pagemaster was one of my most favoured childhood films. Mostly because I loved how the character, Richard became a cartoon. That inspired me to do a cartoon picture of myself:

Other than Disney, some more animation films I loved when I was a kid were: 

The Secret of Nimh


The Swan Princess


Once Upon a Forest


I used to watch films like these religiously as a child.
Getting back to Dinsey, last year I came across the work of Liron Pe'er (youtube name - IPDisney), who's animation resembles very much of Disney. I was surprised when it wasn't.
Liron is an artist from Israel. This is some of her work below:

Lady Ice

Pe'er did the animations, clean ups and coloured them in. The rest like the music and background scenes were made by others she has collaborated with.

This here though was the first piece of work that I found of hers before seeing anything more recent:

The Little Mermaid - Soon

It's partially an animatic and animation. I loved it because Ariel is my favorite animated character. 
Also, the song you hear in this ('Soon') is from another film I watched as a child, 'Thumbelina'. Ironically, the song 'Soon' was voiced by Jodi Benson, the same actress who voices the little mermaid Ariel. It's a 'two birds with one stone' piece of work I think, the continuity. Just fitting I thought.
I like this so much, it inspired me to do my own version, but it's not finished:


My video will stay in this animatic form, although I wouldn't mind trying to animate Ariel when I get the time. I liked having the backgrounds yellow because it seemed a more appealing colour to me, rather than black and white.
Like Pe'er's animatic, I choose a song Jodi Benson sang (found another from 'Thumbelina', because I couldn't any others anywhere else). This scene would 'take place' after Ariel's father Triton destroys her secret treasure trove. She has a moment to herself 'singing' about how her father's law enforcement is effecting her dream to live on the surface.
Cheesy I know, but I wanted to make something in relation to my pathway. I felt I hadn't made enough of animation/animatic work in my first year. I did, it just didn't feel like it. I like hand drawn animations, so Pe'er's video spurred me on to make my version.
This was made in my spare time during the summer holidays of my first Moving Image year. I'm really pleased with it, even if it's unfinished.

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