Thursday, 16 August 2012

Mike Ness Visit's Jimmy Egan's Boxing Academy

On the 1st of August 2012, Mike Ness from the band Social Distortion came to visit my dad and uncle's boxing gym: Jimmy Egan's Boxing Academy.
My dad asked me if I would be able to come down to the gym with him and take some pictures of Mr. Ness training. He thought it would be good publicity for the gym.

These images below are just a handful of how many I took. I've put two albums on facebook of Mr. Ness's visit to the Gym.
You can find the pics on mine and JimmyEgan's Boxing Academy Pages.
My Page: [Link]
JEBA Page: [Link]

Above: A series of shots of Mr Ness training with my uncle, Steve Egan.

Above: My dad, Shaun Egan, Mr Ness and Steve Egan.

It was a great experience photographing Mr. Ness. Quite surreal too, at the time I knew he was famous for something but wasn't quite sure as what for. 
In person, he is a very nice and polite man.
At the time, I believe Mr. Ness was on tour with his band, and he was due to play at the Rebellion Festival in Blackpool:

I think I could have improved my photography by finding more knowledge that is associated with my camera. Maybe I'll need to look for a digital manual for my model or youtube tutorials.
I've had my camera for nearly two years and I'm still learning how to use it.
Because of this, I struggled to find where to change the ISO and shutter speed, this is evident in some of the blurry pictures. Eventually, I managed to find the ISO, and I changed it to the highest pixel rate that was available. As a result, the pictures become less blurry and more sharp the more you see.

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