Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Van Helsing

Summary of youtube clips. Numbers mean play clips from:
Dr Jekyl/Mr Hyde:
  • Shuler Hensley acts as both Mr Hyde and Frankenstein. He had to wear a helmet with a giant picture of Mr Hyde head on top - to give animators an idea of where he would physically stand, etc - 2.17.
  • Shuler Hensley went to Ireland to wear a Motion Capture suit. His actions in the suit, the overlaying rough animation of Hyde and the real time footage of Hugh Jackman, all combined acted as a good guide of the motions that Hyde goes through - 2:50.
  • Robbie Coltrane voiced 'Mr Hyde'. Animators relied on the expressions Coltrane conveyed whilst saying his 'Mr Hyde' lines - 3.35.
Brides of Dracula:
  • Douglas Griffin - Motion Capture Engineer - 'Two techniques to build the same character: their body was digital, their face was shot on film' - 4:13.
  • The crew shot background 'plates'/scenes of where the brides would fly [in Prague]. They then tracked how the film camera moved through the space. Then they created rough animatics with a digital version of a bride flying through that tracked space. As a result of this, the camera men and the stunt men knew how and where to move their camera's and performers. After that, the real time footage of Bride's face, the Bride's digital body and the background were merged together - 6:10.
Van Helsing - Werewolf:
  • Because there's essentially no limits with animating anything, the animators could digitally create even the smallest of details like the simulation of hair and muscle movement. Stephen Sommers [Director] wanted the Van Helsing transforming into a werewolf to look sexy and like a rock star. The set had to be fabricated because of the characters leaping around within Dracula's castle. 
  • Challenges were the 'to and fro' transformations of the characters into monsters and vice versa. During Dracula and Werewolf Van Helsing fight sequences, the transformations of the two were depicted in painfully grotesque ways -7:48. But when Anna saves Van Helsing of the curse and is killed, Sommers wanted Van Helsing to hold Anna in an iconic romanticist way against the moonlight. His last transformation would be that his statue and fur 'slip away' - 8:53.
Industrial Light + Magic:

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