Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Games Research

As I mentioned in my previous post, I was playing with the idea of making my informative and interactive pieces like a game.
So the following clips below are games references I thought might be useful to me.

Amnesia is I believe one of the scariest games of our time at the moment. The viewer/gamer [if I'm correct] is a character that runs around a building, trying to regain their' memory by finding clues. But the further your characters delves into this dark world, they encounter more dangerous scenarios of the supernatural kind.
I figured this was way up my street.

Slender: Again, another current scary game as of now, Slender has similar traits to the Blair witch films. e.g. Nighttime, walking in the dark with only a torch, something supernatural chasing you/messing with your mind. This game literally gets the viewer/gamer screaming. It requires the gamer to collect 8 pieces of paper. As you do so, the atmosphere and sound effects build up, and all the while, the strange slender being in a suit follows you and tries to get you. Not a game for young children.

The Walking Dead:
The walking dead is another scary game, and it has various options the gamer can use. These options guide the storyline, resulting in the story panning out differently to what could otherwise be.
That's an aspect I want to utilise in my work, even if only a little.

Mario Bros:
I think I also want my clips to have some aspect from this Mario Bros gameplay clip, like journeying from A to B, with perhaps some obstacles in the way.

Knightmare Tower:
In terms of the style I want my 'gameplay' to look like, I guess I'm going in the flash direction like this game below. I can't use the programme flash, but I think I can pull of the 'look' of a flash piece with the help of photoshop and after effects.

NSFW. A hunter shoots a bear:
After explaining my idea to one of my tutors, she told me to watch this video.
It's brilliant! Exactly what I'm after in terms of interactivity for my pieces.
The viewer along with the hunter, is ambushed by a bear and you are given two options: Shoot or don't shoot.
After choosing an option, the hunter tells the viewer he doesn't want to shoot the bear, and decides to tipex the title. Then he says you can change the story by typing a word in the tipexed part of the title. Once you do this, the video links you to another and shows you what you typed in. Fantastic! :D

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