Friday, 14 September 2012

Monster Research

Halfway through the summer holidays, I was given a brief called the 'self initiated project'.
It basically entailed the student to come up with an idea of something to research, in my case: myths, legends and monsters.

My reason for researching this? I love halloween and anything in relation to it. I love it's monsters and stories, I wanted to somehow incorporate them in my work. Also I wanted to see if I could shed any light on why I'm obsessed with such things. I like scaring myself silly, whether it be reading books or watching films/programmes. I like the thriller and suspense aspects in a film, but not gore. Can't stand gore films at all.

The research on my project has also shifted a little in the 'stranger danger' awareness. From my findings, I eventually came up with the proposed idea: personifying strangers as monsters.
I'm trying to go in the direction of the safety videos every child watched in their school years, whilst utilising strong visuals of 'good' and 'bad' people.
Much like Little Red Riding Hood and the cunning wolf, but set with today's times.
Saying this, my idea still feels slightly floaty and I have a feeling the outcome may manifest itself in a different way from what I'm currently imagining.

[A naive little red and the meticulous wolf. I was imagining using silhouettes for my story/ies when I found this image, haha.]
I did a brainstorm on what it is we associate monsters with and the two most strongest points that stuck out for me was fear and the need for safety.
So I have my idea, which should hopefully enforce the message I'm trying to get across. A reminder if anything.

Video References:

I thought this was a clever piece. It's in my sort of direction for my research. In this video, children who have alcohol-dependent parents, are perceived as monsters or similar horror characters.
It's interesting because it's set in the modern era, and there are some recognizable elements from horror films, such as the strange figure who is only seen by the child in the park.
This video (top left), is called 'Of Monsters and Men' by 'Little Talks'. I found it by typing in monsters in youtube. I just put it on here because I thought the art and style of the animation looked lovely. Whether I use it as a reference yet for my work is still debatable.
The second video (top right), is a clip from the 1971's version of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. When I watched this video as a child, I was always creeped out by the strange man that 'magically' stood behind Charlie (especially when he somehow didn't make any noise with his butcher tools when he approached him. Who couldn't make such noise?) Even more so when he recited a poem to him: 'Up the airy mountain, down the rushing glen, we dare not go a hunting, for fear of little men.' - A poem by Irish poet, William Allington (1824-1889). And then he finishes his visit with the words: 'No body ever goes in... and nobody ever comes out'.
It still creeps me out to this day, and I like it at the same time. Another thing to scare myself silly with as a child. It always sounds like a creepy ghost story to me.
'The Tale of Three Brothers' by J.K. Rolling, from the film and story: 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows'. I know I've put it on here before in a past blog entry, but I thought it was such a lovely piece; and it may yet become a reference to my work, I don't know yet. I was debating last night whether I go in a silhouette style to convey my story/ies, when I remembered this. Still deciding.

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