Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Questioning the Anonymous Public...

My idea for my project seems to keep manifesting into other ideas. I guess it's a good thing, helping my creativity grow or something, but it seems fleeting somehow, like I can't pin it down.

Anyway, I've been playing around with the idea that my work could be informative and interactive like a game. That way if the viewer chooses the wrong option in the clips I will create, they'll see what happens and be told 'you've lost' or something along the line.

But I wondered how I can do this. It's gonna be tricky, and I don't want to send out mixed signals. So I thought I'd ask the general public by going on Omegle. I accidentally found the website from watching 'PewDiePie' [youtube username] videos on youtube.

It's a social networking website, like msn chat in a way.
I find it ironic that my project is about raising awareness on strangers, and yet I've resorted to 'talk to strangers' to get some answers. How enlightening will this project be!

But the one brilliant feature this website has is the option to post questions and anonymous strangers can answer. You can't interject into the conversation, you just watch two strangers try to answer your question.

Pro's and Cons:
Once I asked my question, I got some decent feedback.
Unfortunately with anonymity, I also got some weird ones, and some responses I couldn't keep because they were too obscene. 
Also, when I posted my question, I kept getting a lot of people leaving the conversation. I guess they weren't keen on any serious queries.

I screenshoted some of my responses and put them on flicker, as evidence of expanding my research further:

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