Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Stranger Project takes a different turn...

My proposed project idea has gone in another direction now.
As I wrote in previous posts, the idea was to give the viewer a choice from watching a clip, by clicking on clip a or clip b. In this case, the scenario would of featured a child approached by a stranger (bearing in mind, this would be in an animation, not live footage or anything.)
Anyway, after trying to explain my idea to another tutor of mine, he said it sounded too complicated and that I should try to simplify it. Just make a lovely piece for my portfolio, as it was a brief that I have 'free will' over, rather than adapting to what a client would want.

So in the end, I've made a storyboard about a toddler me getting lost in a shop/supermarket.
Before getting lost, the toddler's peception of the world is as norm as the next person.
After getting lost, strangers shopping appear darker, towering over her, having talon-like hands and so forth.
So the toddler makes a run for it from the strangers, only to eventually bump back into her mum again, and the world is rosy once more.

[The clip above shows some animation tests I've made for a scene in my storyboard. I was debating if I should animate every frame or follow the animation style from the HISHE films - How such-a-movie Should Have Ended - Youtube. I love this style, but it was a very lengthy process for a few seconds. My story I think will at least be two minutes, more or less. Still, I love reflecting from these tests.]

I've been having difficulty managing this project though because of other briefs I've had to attend to.
I just wish I had the time to work on them individually, rather than two at once. I also was given a small side project whilst working on this project. I've worked on more briefs at once in the past, but I find it hard to enjoy multitasking to a degree like that sometimes. Thankfully, I can spend more time on this project after next week's deadline/review. The real deadline for this isn't official until near the end of November time-ish.

[This clip was the side project I worked on. Lasts only a couple of seconds, but I animated most of the frames in it and although I found time consuming, I enjoyed it.
This man wanted to be turned into a tree through animation. This is a sort of Ident for an interview Stockport College Film Students and The Manchester Museum have collaborated on.]

 Anyway, because of the multitasking, I'm having a hard time getting on with the project and I was slightly under the weather last week. I think I had a cold, nothing major, head just felt like it was slightly inflating in the morning.
Maybe I just need to get myself into gear and really push myself.

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