Saturday, 15 December 2012

Lego Research

I love lego 'Brick' animation, so much so that I want to have a go at making some myself.
I've just had issues trying to find a way around it in the technical department, because a few years ago, I bought a camera that iStop Motion and DragonFrame do not like.
I was quiet naive though when I bought the thing. I thought it would just work. That and I think I was being sold anything at the time, as shop assistants try to do.
I got a Nikon D3100. So far, it has served more of a purpose for my dad than me, because I take pictures of the boxing lads at our boxing gym. 
Still, it has it's qualities and I'm not keen on the idea of sending it back anytime soon. I've took a good few pictures from it, but I'm not expert with it, so I recently bought a book that I hope will help a lot:

So far, I've only had a glance through it, but it really does look simple to use and understand. It features comparison shots, diagrams and loads of info. I'm hoping that during the christmas holidays, I can refer to this and get a better understanding of my camera.
It's just been a bit of a pain really, feel like I've been mis-sold a product for what I originally intended. On the other hand, I can't say I regret buying it either, as I've taken some lovely pictures from it.

This video is another okay reference I found when animating with SLR cameras.
I thought some of the tips from this are quiet useful too, been looking for remotes for my model since I saw this.

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