Sunday, 9 December 2012

Reflective Post: Corner House, David Shrigley's Exhibition

Yesterday, I went to see David Shrigley's Exhibition at the Corner House in Manchester.
I haven't heard of this artist before, either that or I've vaguely heard him in college conversations.
I just wanted to see what was on at the Corner.

3rd Floor:
The room was 'interactive'. There wasn't a great deal on in the room, there was 5 things situated within it: a mirror, a white board, a 'napping station' [a matt], a giant gong and a projected animation of a cartoon painting a naked cartoon.
I'm guessing the goal though was to have fun and interact with the installations though, because I took my sisters and they got stuck in. Eventually, I went with it too and had a bit of a giggle with them.

4th Floor:
On the 4th floor, we walked into a space that sort of resembled the magic corridor in the 1971 version of Willy Wonka:

[L: Exhibition pic, R: Willy Wonka scene.] 
This is because the walls are illustrated nearly head to toe in Shrigley's drawings.
The some of the drawings look like political cartoons, or at least take on some aspect of that form.

I can relate to these images as I'm constantly jotting down ideas for things, even if they're not a part of my college work.

5th Floor:
The room looked like an art class/art studio.
There was a few people there drawing the statue/figurine. I think they were students.
When people finished their drawings, their work was posted on the walls.

In the end, I found the exhibition wasn't too bad. I liked the 4th floor best because of the reflective doodles. My sisters had a good time too.
I'll have to visit the Corner House more often.

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