Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Reflective Post: The Act

I never thought I'd be writing about applications you get for your iphone, pad, mac, etc. I suppose this is naive or narrow minded of me, as some apps consist of animation.

This all started when I was checking my messages on DeviantArt.
On the website, I follow an ex Disney animator called Tom Bancroft, who announces some interesting information from time to time.
This post caught my eye a few months ago in the summer holidays.

Bancroft explains that there's a game called 'The Act' which he and other ex Disney artists made. You as a gamer are given the options to control Edgar the character's emotions.
Moving left makes him shy, whereas moving right makes him confident.

The video below shows a walk through of how the game works if you play correctly.

Reading an article about the game, it was intended for the arcade scene, but issues arose with how the user would play it. So the game was adapted for touch-screen devices. A theme in the story is said to be based on the film 'Cassablanca', as shown below.

This is the kind of animation I want to do, at least this is one style I like.
I thought this style of animation would become a dying art again, due to the increase of CGI effects in games and films. But it seems it's been revived through popular culture again.
I really hope hand drawn animation retains enough recognition to be something that isn't lost, that it stays. It inspired me as a child and still does today. I would love a career in this field.

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