Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Reflective Post: Lego Animation

A few weeks ago, we were given our competition assignments. I began experimenting with ideas for Bacardi in my sketchbook. But when I checked the YCN website again for the other available competitions, I came across Lego and thought I would do that instead.
For a few years, it's been a small ambition of mine to animate lego, but I've struggled finding the right technology to create my animations.

Whilst researching other animators on youtube, using a Nikon D3100 camera like mine, I came across Brotherhood Workshop, founded by Kevin Ulrich.
What interested me about Ulrich's animation aside of the lego, was that he uses a Nikon camera in stop motion software. I've seen a few other people on youtube doing a similar thing, but his work is one of the best I've found so far.
I think this is because of the great quality we see that a camera of this caliber can offer, compared to the likes of a webcam.

This video parody's the Lord of the Rings scene, where our heroes venture in the Mines of Moria and upset a certain troll.

This video shows how Ulrich works and offers tips and tricks to other animators.

I've found out that his Nikon model is different from mine, but I've messaged him on youtube, asking if he knew any ways around animating with the model I use. I'm currently waiting for a reply, but I doubt I'll get an answer soon, as his youtube channel is becoming rather popular. But I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask anyway.
I just want to get more use out of my camera other than photography, even if it means animating 'blind' [without the guidance of live previews, onion skinning, etc.].
I originally bought the camera for the sole purpose of animating, two years later, still no luck.

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