Sunday, 9 December 2012

Reflective Post: Manchester Art Gallery, 'The First Cut' Exhibition

A few hours ago, I went to the Manchester Art Gallery to see 'The First Cut' Exhibition.
This exhibition holds many delicate works constructed from paper.
I heard about it from my friend before my tutor and was quite excited because Rob Ryan's art would also be featured there.
I went to one of his exhibitions at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park a few years ago.
One of the reasons why I went at the time was because I was studying Graphic Design, [before I went on to study Moving Image]. I was writing an essay on his work, so I thought it would help if I went to see his exhibition. This time, I went for the love of it.

The gallery was fantastic, it displayed several paper designs and constructions.
 I wasn't there long though to look properly. My sisters were getting a little impatient and I couldn't stay too long in town with them. I'm hoping to go and look again when I have some free time.

A few good things about the gallery is it's currently free entry and you can take photographs of the work.

Rob Ryan's Mural like piece in the Manchester Art Gallery, 05/10/12 - 27/01/13.
Whilst in the gallery, there was a room you could sit in and watch interviews of the paper artists.
This video shows Rob Ryan explaining how and why he works the way he does.

The First Cut - Rob Ryan Interview from Manchester Art Gallery on Vimeo.

I really do have a great respect for Ryan's work, as it retains the same quality you get from a child's story book. The hand-made feel and innocent narrative weaved into the image.
Having had experience in Graphic Design I think is what binds me to his work.

The rest of the images I took at the gallery are on my Flicker:

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