Thursday, 13 December 2012

Reflective Post: Maya Tutorials

As an Moving Image student, I want to be able to use the software available to me.
I can animate in Photoshop and After Effects. But Auto Desk Maya is a little beyond me. I do want to learn it, but I've not had enough tutorials or time to put into it. I've not been able to keep at it because of college work and home life. The last time I used it was before going to New York.

But a few months ago, I came across this link.
It's a website that shows you how to build and things in Maya. But it takes you through it step-by-step using images.
There was a tutorial on the website that showed you how to build faces. Sadly, I can no longer find it now. The images below are what I created at the time though:
The head went from humanoid to an animalistic fox. I was experimenting with the design and trying to familiarise myself with the programmes tools.

Once I began to understand more of the software, it became more fun to use. I wanted to see what else I could create.
Unfortunately, I've not been able to use it as frequently as I'd like too, so I've lost what I've learned again. I think it's going to take some time before I am fully confident with using the software.
I'm hoping to get to grips with Maya during my holidays and when I graduate from college, as I think it will give me a better chance of landing a job.
It's just so daunting to look at, but I felt the same way when I first used Photoshop and After Effects. Hopefully this fear will pass too.

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