Saturday, 1 December 2012

Reflective Post: New York

On the 9th of November, I went to New York with my college. 
Whilst we were there, we went to visit a few studios. Unfortunately, some of the visits were cancelled due to hurricane sandy. But the studios I was able to visit were Watson & Co, Karlssonwilker and Method.

Studio Visits:

Watson & Co.

At Watson & Co, Creative Director William Richmond-Watson showed us some Graphic Design work his company has produced for past clients.


 Jan Wilker, the founder of Karlssonwilker talked to us about what his studio does, but didn't show us any past works. Instead, he asked and answered any questions we and he had about each other, any creative queries and his generic take on the culture of New York.


Method was my favorite studio visit, because it had such a laid back atmosphere. 
We were shown works that were graphic design orientated, but were adapted for tablets, phones and other devices that had some form of moving image in them. They've also worked on films and animation.
A recent graduate who's now the latest addition of [the New York] Method Studios team, said it's a great place to be. Creatives work ethic and happiness, in a sense is put first before anything else.

I didn't particulary warm up to the first two studios, but I really liked Method. It was so short a visit, I didn't want to leave.
Infact, I think a part of me would have loved working there, or at least do a little bit of work experience. The staff were so welcoming and friendly.
It felt like such a lovely environment, hard work of course, but not without it's liberties.
If I had the option to do some form of studio work in New York, I would choose Method.

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