Monday, 24 June 2013

All done...What's next?

Hey people!
Many apologies for not writing on here sooner. Been more than a busy bee.
I'm gonna sum up what I've been up too.

First off, my blog needed least I think it needed it. I'm trying to maintain a consistent look throughout what mediums I use on the net, like twitter and cargo [Twitter still needs changing].
That way, I reckon people will be able to identify me more easily when web browsing.
The only themes that were the same were the colour tones I chose: black, white and green.

Also, I have made my business cards now. I had to get them ready for my degree show a few weeks ago. I wanted a simple concept that [again] people can identify [and hopefully relate it back to me].
I did something similar with the sticker name tags you get at networking events. Instead of writing my name, I drew a crude-looking flat cat head and people found it amusing.

My business card concept. Just wanted something simple.

The degree show took some time to set up, more or less for others depending on what they had to do.
During this time, I had a week left to finish:
  •  My Red Riding Hood 'Sainsbury's Advert' - FMP [Final Major Project].
  • A video of the 'making of' Red Riding Hood 'Sainsbury's Advert' - FMP.
  • A showreel to sum up my best work.
  • Hand in three other separate animation projects from this/previous two years. These would be featured in the degree show.
  • Cut out, Photoshop and print off the character design concepts I made for my FMP.
Thankfully, I managed to finish these before the deadline. Any spare time I had was used to help out with anything else for the show. As usual, some people were stressed or worried, but everything turned out great or 'Ripe' in the end. The show proceeded without a hitch and everyone had a brilliant time.

Images of what and where my degree show was about in college.
The show is now being moved to MadLab in Manchester for two days, opening this Thursday and Friday [I believe]. At first I was worried that my work wouldn't make the cut, because I went to Ireland with some of my family last week. It was a pre-planned trip arranged months ago [I'll write more about it in another post].
Thankfully when I went into college today, I was told my work can still be featured in the show. So that'll keep me a bit busy this week.

After this, all I need to really think about aside from finding a job, is graduation. This will take place next month and I can't wait. Something tells me there will be laughter and tears, at least a few anyway.

Overall Thoughts about finishing college/uni
It just feels surreal at the moment. You could say I feel like I've woken up in someone else's life.
All the stress of trying to finish my college work was like having 'tunnel vision'. Once I finished it all, the stress dissipated. But as this weight leaves my shoulders, another seems to fall on them. Though I've [will] gained a degree, the uncertainty of getting a job scares me a little. With the way things are at the moment, I think it will be utter luck finding a job that I'm qualified to do.
I am without a safety net for the first time in a long time.
I'm also excited, because of the prospects that are out there. I'll just have to keep looking and see what is ideal for me.

I will keep writing updates on my blog of what I'm up to, interested in, etc. It has become an integral part of me, being able to express what I know, learn and love in my field of study. I hope to continue this for as long as I can :)

What else have I been doing? 
On the 13th of June, I went to a graduate recruitment fair held at the Armitage Center in Manchester Link. I went to see if there were any potential jobs or internships in animation or anything design related.
Unfortunately there was none.

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Noise Festival: Work Experience So Far (Post 2)

I know I've already posted a version of this out, but that was whilst I've been working there for the first few days. I thought it was important to post a 'here and now' train of thought over my work experience.
I'm doing another one now (not just for work experience evidence on my blog) because I can now say this information without worrying about spilling any beans. That and I've been really busy with college work.

I'm really enjoying my time at NOISE, and I intend to keep doing work experience with them for as long as I can, even if it's once a week.
  • They've helped me do some work experience.
  • I've learned what it's like to be in a working environment and how to conduct myself in such.
  • They're great people. I can have a laugh with them over projects, explore different ideas and help create content that is relevant to my study and beneficial for them.
  • As I've mentioned before, I've learned to be more cautious about releasing information relevant to events they host, etc.
There are times when I'm a little bit left to my own devices, but I can ask for help if I really need it. I think this is good though anyway, as it's taught me to be a little less reliable on others, and be more confident in my own abilities.

 The images below are credits to everyone who has been involved making things happen behind the scenes at NOISE (without trying to blow my horn), including me.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Hopes and Fears and Opportunities

In this last year of my course, I have found it to be challenging, stressful and fun.
It has pushed me out of my bubble a little. I had to find work experience and go to networking gatherings on my own. That was a big thing for me. I guess I was worried about rejection and my work not being good enough.
I managed to do it somehow, and now I've gained a little more confidence in myself and my practise. My CV has also benefitted from this.

Aside from our Degree Show coming up, what worries me now is the uncertainty of my future.
I want to work in a multidisciplinary studio that entails animation, graphic design, photography and so on. I'd like to work somewhere locally to start out with like Manchester, not somewhere miles away.
I'm not personally ready to uproot to anywhere yet, but I'm not ruling it either. I think I need to gain more experience in the working environment.

I'm hoping when I've graduated, I can find a work placement/apprenticeship/job in animation/art. If not, have an art related job. I don't want to get my hopes up too much, nor be too choosey about what type of place I work, because of the current economic climate.

I'm trying to be a dabbler too, in hopes that'll present me more art opportunities. In my spare time, I do photography and try to further develop my photoshop skills. I only got a placement at NOISE Festival, by telling them I did a graphic design course prior to what I'm studying now. They didn't have any animation work for me at first, but now I'm trying to update a video showreel of their's when I'm not working on college projects. It's a good place to work at.

Since I began going to network gatherings, I have currently compiled 36 connections on Linked In, attained a dozen cards and met some really great people. Also, I think I have some potential freelance work opportunities lined up after graduation.
I also have a new-found love for traveling. Seeing studios in other countries and learning of different cultures was amazing, I loved every minute of it. Kind of wished I stayed longer.

I also need to improve my social skills when it comes to presentations, as I can get quite nervous. My confidence dips, I'll stutter a little and mumble. I'm not used to it. I think I prefer working in the shadows.  I guess it's because I have a reserved nature and don't like being in the spot light. I know some practice will address this issue, but I find it hard to speak to people sometimes as it is anyway. This is another reason why I want to get some work experience.

I hope to continue improving my social and Adobe skills, and become a better, professional animation practitioner.

Portfolio Review: The Neighbourhood

A few hours ago, I had a portfolio review at The Neighbourhood (Link) with Junior Designer Steven Swanborough

My Vimeo: Link

'BBC Channel Ident' - He liked the different typefaces, thought they were chosen well.
'When Harry and Jack' - Thought it was funny, that I got the message across.
'Tree Man' - Asked if I hand drew (with a tablet) every frame in the animation and liked it.
'YCF Lego Animation' - Asked how and what I used to animate it.
'Red and Wolf' - Thought it was really good.

Steve said I have a good variety of work and really liked it.
That it's good to be a generalist. Overall, he thought I could potentially walk into a job with my current work, but said I should also keep a lookout for freelance/placement work too.

He gave us a lot of advice, saying we were approaching the Industry in the right way. That we have to really put ourselves out there and work hard to get noticed, really stand out.
He suggested we could do some more networking before our Degree Show. That studios in Manchester talk to each other, they're a close community. So by getting our name/work around, be it freelance, placement work,etc, we'll really give ourselves a chance/start into this area of work.

He asked if we would like to work in a studio. I said yes, I would love to! I hope I can when I graduate, or soon after.

I really enjoyed being there. I wanted to see more of the studio. I had a good laugh with them too. I hope to pop back again soon in the future. Steve said I could send him stuff when we do graduate and that he'll be at our Degree show.
I'm really happy and thankful for my review.

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Some knowledge and advice from Tom Bancroft

I found this Journal post by Tom Bancroft on Deviant Art. Every now and then he posts something in relation to his work/animation.

Figured this post would be interesting, as he gives out some advice/knowledge about the way the business world dominates animation styles/jobs, etc.
He points out the duality of both sides of the argument, that there's more to this than what we would perceive. 


Trying to finish the storyboard i have in mind, I'm looking into supermarket gags and family guy references.



Like my previous work ('Lost and Found' video), I want my animation to be a little like HISHE (How It Should Have Ended) films. The way the characters are animated mostly.

I like how certain things are animated in this. Subtle movements like the raising eyebrows. I believe they use 'bezier warp'  to do this. I've applied this to my film and so far it seems to work really well. Wish I discovered it before!

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Studio Hemisphere Visit

Yesterday, I went to the Northern Quarter in Manchester to visit Studio Hemisphere (Link).
It was nice and relaxed when I got there. Three other people from my college attended this visit too. Creative Director Grant Windridge and two of his other co-workers guided us through the work they recently did.
Creative Director, Grant Windridge
He showed us the Manchester Metrolink Carts Designs. The blue carts basically needed re-vamping, and Hemisphere were commissioned to do so. They didn't have any say in it's physical exterior, but rather it's design.
They came up with the yellow carts we know today. They said they wanted to use some bright, positive colours like yellow. I liked that they also integrated the dot visuals, so it would look good when the cart was in motion, look right, appropriate.

Hemisphere also had to redesign every Metrolink advertisement. I like how they've retained a sense of continuity across all the works using the same colour schemes and visuals.

When Grant finished showing us their' work, we asked them questions and advice on work experience/placements, how to approach a studio, etc.
They said to keep working hard, as it is more competitive finding a job nowadays. To try and stand out from the crowd, but not pull any crazy stunts like throwing a brick (with a business card/details attached) through a window.
Before we left, Grant gave us each the studio's business card.

Their' business card

It was lovely being there, the people were lovely too, had a good giggle with them over work. The studio felt a little like a flat, nice and cozy in once area, the other office work space. I think I'd like to visit again in future.

Monday, 8 April 2013

CING April Meetup

Earlier today I went to the Brew Dog bar for my second CING [Creative Individuals Networking Group] meetup. I'd like to say I was a little more prepared this time, to which I was. However, I didn't charge my computer up enough, so I couldn't show as much of my work as I'd like.

Networking cards I got.
Like some meetups, you write your name on a sticker. I thought I'd draw a cat's head on mine for a bit of a laugh, [seeing as that's what I'm called] and see how people reacted when they wanted to know my name.
It ironically worked in my favor. One person that I spoke to there said she would remember me now because of that. Other people thought it was funny and witty.

The event at the Brew Dog bar in Manchester. I'm in the middle [Link].
The event didn't seem as busy as last time, but I made my way around the room feeling more confident in myself. In the end, I had a good talk and laugh with some of the people there.
Having no cards yet, I gave out sticky notes with my details on to people instead. I spoke to someone who said they were working on projects that may need some animators help with. Another told me of a group I could join that is specifically for animators/motion designers, etc. Apparently they have a meetup lined up soon [I think]. I need to do more research into it.

Another person I spoke to there, Gerardo Schettino [Link] recommended that I check this out:
Gerardo said it's great for finding film/television related creatives. I think I might sign up.
Overall though, I had a good productive night.

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Red Riding Hood: Varied Stories

So many posts I've wrote today have been long overdue!
A month ago, I made a poll and questionnaire about the Red Riding Hood tale.
I asked the public:
  • What they remembered about the story, which variation they heard and/or preferred.
  • Given that the scenario in the story could change, how would they want Red and Wolf to behave and interact with each other.
  • What kind of personality traits would the public want to see from Red and Wolf. Was Red smart? Mouthy? Feisty? Was Wolf cowardly? Egotistical? Dim?, etc.
These were the following results below:

A problem with the questionnaire now however, is I can't access the answers unless I upgrade my account. Thankfully, I read the answers the public wrote a month ago and mostly understand what they remember and wanted.
  • The majority remembered the version where the wolf was stuffed with stones.
  • They wanted Red to be smart and mouthy and I think for Wolf to be easily irritated and comical.
The generic idea behind this was so I could get a better understanding of what the public remember and what they would preferably want in terms of the characters' performances.
I found this was helpful and at the same time, a little irrelevant to the storyboard I have now. Still, I've not finished it yet, so these answers may come in handy at a later date.

Advice from Tom Bancroft

I forgot to put this up!
February 21st, I asked Tom Bancroft [an ex Disney Animator], if he could possibly give me a portfolio review. I even asked about the game 'The Act', he helped make. I wanted to know if the game was a one-off project or if there was more to it.

On the 7th of March, I got a response from him.

Even though he couldn't help me with a portfolio review, I was thankful that he could give me some advice. Especially given in this current climate, that some people/places you write to for feedback won't give you a second glance.

Book Ideas/Inspiration...

About a week ago, I got this book after watching the film 'Hotel Transylvania'.
The book itself contains a lot of character designs of the infamous monsters and ghouls, as well as background concepts.

Reading it, the book roughly goes through the films story with you. What I found particularly interesting was it talked of the relationships the characters have with each other.
For instance, Dracula and his daughter Mavis have a similar cord with my characters Red and Wolf.
The book said that Dracula emotionally grounds Mavis from leaving home because he refuses to acknowledge that she's grown up. In turn, Mavis doesn't want to leave her farther for worry of how he'll cope without her, despite her dreams to see the world.

With my characters, there's a power shift between them when their situation changes. In the beginning, Red dismisses wolf's behavior toward her as smoke and no fire. Feeling in control, she then plants a seed in his mind, convincing him not to each her. Doing as she says, Red then presents Wolf with his award, only for him to act up, rendering Red powerless in the scenario [can't tell all of the story yet].

Also, the book features some character designs of Wayne the Werewolf by Carter Goodrich. I thought his work could help me be inspired:

To see more of his work, here's the link to his website:

I also had a quick read of this, hoping it would shed some more light or potiental ideas on the tale [the title caught my attention].
It went a bit deep into the psychology of the story, and had some poems and illustrations about Red and Wolf. I didn't find it particular useful for my project, but I'm not knocking it either. I don't think I gave it enough time to decide properly, but it was interesting. Maybe I need to give it another read because of the power struggle the characters share.

Noise Festival: Work Experience So Far (Post 1)

Since beginning my work experience at Noise Festival on the 7th of March, I have now become accustomed to my work routine there; giving up one day a week to help them out and gain some experience in this field of industry.
All things considered, I think I have adapted well to their ways of working. It's a bit fast-paced, but I've found it to be fun. I've worked at Noise four times now. Personally, think I needed this experience. I don't want to feel like I'm being thrown in the deep end when I actually graduate and get a job. My CV definitely needed this too, as it didn't have a great deal of work experience on it anyway.

My role there at the moment usually consists of me Photoshoping promotional images.
This week, I had to stitch together a video slide show for them, featuring imagery for the up-coming event 'The Art of Protest'.

As an added bonus for working with Noise, I was given a free portfolio that should have been more than a couple of quid. You get a portfolio on the Noise website anyway, but are able to only put up 5 pieces of work. With this upgraded portfolio, I think I can put up a few hundred pieces.

Here's a link to my noise portfolio if you want to have a look. I've not uploaded many pieces though: Link

Portfolio Review from Studio Distract

On the 2nd of April, I received some brilliant portfolio feedback from Studio Distract. I hadn't been able to write about it until now.
I was hoping I could come into Studio Distract's workplace to discuss my work. Unfortunately I wasn't able to because they are currently busy working on their own projects. However, Director Steve Hanton of the studio said he could email me feedback instead if that would help, to which I happily agreed.

Director of Studio Distract, Steve Hanton

Steve began with my 'Lost and Found' animation.

Lost and Found from Catherine Egan on Vimeo.

He wrote:
  • The lines of perspectives and moving camera shots generally are tricky and usually are avoided.
  • He liked the textures applied to the characters and background objects.
  • The closing in transition cut shots of the toddler work well.
  • The scene of the busy crowds worked well.
  • That the sound enhanced the work, that I shouldn't be too hard on myself over wanting to tweak it. Also I should be cautious when using songs in case of copyright issues.
  •  That it was short and complete, but didn't whisk him off on a journey. It felt more like a teaser for something more.

Olympic Ident Sequences from Catherine Egan on Vimeo.

He thought my Olympic Ident Sequences were 'fantastic', that he loved the hand drawn approach to the work and congratulated me.

As for my tests, he thought they were good, that 'they show promise' for works unfinished.
He finished the email with some advice for me: To not stop working and keep experimenting. That I will get better is if I keep practicing, saying I should have seen some of their work a few years back.

I'm just grateful I got some feedback on my work from a studio. I've sent emails out to other studios without any responses from them.
With the way the economic climate and job market is at the moment, it feels ever more imperative for me to do this now, in hopes of making some kind of impact on animation industries when I graduate.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Red Riding Hood Animation Visual Concept Idea

This is a look I'm hoping to achieve for my Red Riding Hood animation. Unlike my 'Lost and Found' piece, I want the animation to have less line work and more 'colour fill'. This will probably conflict with some of my other character designs of Red and Wolf, but I don't think it'll be too much of a problem.

Crayon Dragon from Toniko Pantoja on Vimeo.

This animation was by one of my old college friends who graduated last year. I like the look of his work too. I'm finding myself referring to this piece for some motivation as well as inspiration, as I'm sure it was a pain-staking process to animate.

Feel Good Birds from Tom Mathieson on Vimeo.

Sainsbury's Visual Concepts

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Noise 'Your Creative Future' Event

On the 14th of March, I went to Sale's Waterside Arts Centre for the Noise 'Your Creative Future' event.

Those that spoke there were artists that have become successful in their careers. Ranging from music to fashion, they talked about their' experiences and offered useful advice. They were asked and answered questions from the audience about things like how they came to be in their positions and would they change anything.

The main reason I went though was to see Ian Livingstone, the game designer who helped make Tomb Raider. I was hoping through his talk, he would mention some things about the animation side of making his games. Unfortunately he didn't, but I enjoyed listening to what he said about his experience in the games field.

When the talk was finished, I asked him how did he make his latest creation: Tomb Raider Reborn. Did he use motion capture? He said yes they used that technology and asked if I was interested in that field of animation. I told him the current animation work I've done so far was advertisement based, but I wouldn't mind learning it.

Overall, I had a good time. What was even more enjoyable for me was I got to see some of the work I did for Noise being put to use on the background projector. It was Ciara Clark's portfolio being displayed. I was required to grab screenshots of her pieces and align them nicely in ready-made templates a Noise member made for me. That was hard work but fun too.

There are more pictures of the event on my flicker: Link

Noise themselves should put up their' pictures of the event on soon, and they're better than mine. Not sure if they will go on Noise's Facebook or their' official website: Link 

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Work Experience, etc.

In my 'networking' post, I wrote about the CING meetup at the Brew dog pub in Manchester and about a work placement at noise.

On the 7th of March, I went into the Noise Festival studio to see if they had any work experience they could offer me. I showed the staff members there my portfolio work. Although they liked my animation and photography, they were more interested in what I had to say said about my graphic design work. Unlike my peers, I didn't bring an A3 portfolio or any work in relation to any graphic design briefs. I didn't want to bring my older work from the Manchester College because I didn't think that was up to scratch anymore. Instead, I showed them work I produced for competitions on Deviant Art and during my spare time. They seemed to like them.

After viewing my work, I was told the work they could give me was graphic design based and not animation. They also mentioned that they weren't sure if they would have anything for me to do during the Easter break.  I still wanted to do it though because I need work experience. My CV is a little limited in this field.

So on the 8th of March, I went to Noise to do a day's work/work experience. It was a little strange for me starting out. The staff were friendly but busy. I had to figure somethings out for myself, but I was looked after. A Staff member popped over to my screen to see if I was on track and told me to give her a shout if I needed her.
The work I did was getting screen grabs of Noise people's portfolios and tweaking them in ready made template files on Photoshop. I also picked up the phone a few times as the staff had their' hands full. It was kind of like being a designer/receptionist in a way. The work I was doing is for the upcoming event 'Your Creative Future', that will be held at the Waterside Arts Centre in Sale next week. I've already got a ticket for it. Link

I'm hoping to do a bit more, maybe give up one day a week whilst managing my college work.
I'm told I won't be needed again for the next two weeks.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Graduates and Advice

Yesterday, I stayed in college from 6pm till 8pm because a handful of graduates that were on our course came in to give us students some advice about the industry.
It was really nice because two of them there were people we already knew whilst studying in our first and second years before they left. Also the atmosphere was really relaxed. People were just laid back and talking for a while before the night began.
The presentations from the graduates were really funny and informative. They showed reels of work and clips of themselves working in their current company environments.

When the session was over, we all went to the pub to do more talking and networking. It was really great, everybody had a good time. It was nice to get out of the 'college' environment and be somewhere else socially. Everyone was able to be themselves and I think bond more. I especially need to get out more with people from college.
Since the third years left, there is only four of us students left on our course. I miss the interaction I had with them over critiquing works or brainstorming ideas. We were all a really close knit. That's why I thought it was nice seeing some of them again.

Networking and Catching Up

 On Monday, I went to a CING (Creative Industries Networking Group) meeting at the Brew Dog bar in Manchester. I only heard of it last minute on the morning of the day and was hyped.
I was a bit nervous to begin with, but after a while I really got stuck in talking to people. I found what made this easier was showing my portfolio work as well as talking about what I do.
The event was brilliant, it's something I need to attend more to help build up my confidence.
In the end I received eleven business cards from people and company representatives. It couldn't have gotten any better. People were asking for my business cards, but I've not produced any as of yet. I'm hoping to do so soon though. Fortunately, I had some paper with me, and was able to give them my email address for the time being.

One person there that was interested in my work was a Noise Festival representative. After some talking, I mentioned that I was in need of some work experience over the Easter holiday. The representative said she could help me with this and told me to drop an email to Noise about it. I did.
Today, I received an email from them asking if I am available to come into their workplace tomorrow to discuss it. I'm over the moon about it! I'm just really glad someone replied to my query. Just waiting to see what tomorrow will bring now, fingers crossed.

Thursday, 28 February 2013

Supermarket Research

Due to the horse-meat scandal, I'm having to be careful which supermarket I make my major project advert for.
Before this all happened, I had Tesco in mind as first choice. Now I'm just trying to find anything that hasn't been 'neighed' upon by the media and the Food Standards Agency.

Like many of you, on the 16th of Feb, I received an email from Tesco about the scandal, more or less apologizing for letting the consumer down and stating they will do better.


They even made a YouTube video for those who are interested: 'Tesco announce supply chain changes' link

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Funny Adverts Research

For this post and research, I've been advised to look into funny adverts to hopefully inject some commical elements into my animation.

DNAD Brief - Self Promotion

Aswell as working on my major project, the other brief I have is all about self promotion by D&AD.
I've been struggling a little as what I want to do.

For a while, I've had the idea of animating myself, only I don't know yet what I would do.
So I began constructing a puppet, at least trying. It looks like a patch up job, like Halloween's Mike Myers back from the grave again or something. Still I'm proud of what I made considering it's amateurish. I wanted to try it out and saw it through.
Still, I doubt I'll use it anytime soon.


Red Riding Hood Surveys

Hey people!
Can you answer my surveys about the tale of Red Riding Hood?
I'm trying to find out everybody's generic ideal of the tale for my project.
Is everyone in unison over one version of it, or do a lot of people know/prefer other variations of it?
I need your thoughts please!

Here's where to go to fill them out.
Survey: Link

Polls: Link

Thankyou :)

Sunday, 24 February 2013


I thought this was an interesting video:

I think that because of how the narrator explains the structure of a generic story.
It's not really something I've thought about before. I would often struggle making up a story for my work, be it high school to college, because I think this was never really explained to us (students).
If it was, I can't remember, but I'm glad I've watched this anyway.
I like how the structure sums up loose ends.

This made me laugh a little. My tutor and I talked about wolves the other day for my project, and he mentioned the 'Dire Wolf', that is featured in 'Game of Thrones'.
I showed him this clip about the Dire wolf because he thought they were fictional.

Thinking about it, I unconsciously illustrated my wolf as a large beast anyway, like the Twilight werewolves.
I'll probably base the design on the Dire wolf than the Grey wolf.

I've put this on here because I like how the narrator rhymes story lines in the film. I think it's quirky and is in the direction I want to take my red riding hood work with.
What I also find ironic is the relationship these two characters are like that of Red and the Wolf! 


The reason why I've not really wrote a great deal at the moment was because I was side-tracked by competitions advertised on Deviant Art and so on.

The first one was 'Tomb Raider Reborn' Link.

The other by Neil Gaiman in association with Blackberry Link.

With Tomb Raider, it more of less said to produce something with her in action, fighting, investigating, etc. But basing the work on ideals such as what utensils are available to her, her build must be that of a gymnast, she must look beautiful but not flaunt it and so on.
I figured I'd illustrate her in a fighting/defending action, by introducing another character, so the viewer can understand the relationship between the two.

The Original
Rough Mock-up
Final work - 'Confrontation'

With Gaiman's competiton, he wrote twelve stories, one for each month of the year. He wants artists to produce illustrative work in relation to the stories.
I thought I'd do May because it's my birthday month.
The story more or less consisted of a character receiving strange gifts once every month, like books and cards.

'State of Confusion'

[This is a low resolution version of the image because the website asked for the work to be so.]

These were produced within a few hours the other day, because 'The Metro' hosted an easter egg competition [which is now closed]. My gran told me about it on the last day and I had around 6 hours left to produce something before the deadline. I think I submitted 4-6 entries.

From left to right: 
Boxer Egg - To represent my dad's gym.
Super Egg - Superman version of an egg.
Madame Goegoe - The Lady Gaga version of an egg.
Fairies and Flowers - Wanted to make something pretty.

I suggested making them using paper mache, arts and crafts materials and so on.

Final thoughts:
I feel divided on these works, because I like what I have produced, but at the same time I think they can be much better, especially when I look at other people's submissions. I'm very judge mental on what I make <:P
I'm trying to get my work into as many competitions I come across in hopes of aiding my self promotion.

I doubt my Tomb Raider piece will be favored. I'm disliking it more when I compare it to my mock up, Lara looks like a witch I think. <:/
I think my other submissions will have better chances in their' competitions. <:P