Sunday, 24 February 2013


The reason why I've not really wrote a great deal at the moment was because I was side-tracked by competitions advertised on Deviant Art and so on.

The first one was 'Tomb Raider Reborn' Link.

The other by Neil Gaiman in association with Blackberry Link.

With Tomb Raider, it more of less said to produce something with her in action, fighting, investigating, etc. But basing the work on ideals such as what utensils are available to her, her build must be that of a gymnast, she must look beautiful but not flaunt it and so on.
I figured I'd illustrate her in a fighting/defending action, by introducing another character, so the viewer can understand the relationship between the two.

The Original
Rough Mock-up
Final work - 'Confrontation'

With Gaiman's competiton, he wrote twelve stories, one for each month of the year. He wants artists to produce illustrative work in relation to the stories.
I thought I'd do May because it's my birthday month.
The story more or less consisted of a character receiving strange gifts once every month, like books and cards.

'State of Confusion'

[This is a low resolution version of the image because the website asked for the work to be so.]

These were produced within a few hours the other day, because 'The Metro' hosted an easter egg competition [which is now closed]. My gran told me about it on the last day and I had around 6 hours left to produce something before the deadline. I think I submitted 4-6 entries.

From left to right: 
Boxer Egg - To represent my dad's gym.
Super Egg - Superman version of an egg.
Madame Goegoe - The Lady Gaga version of an egg.
Fairies and Flowers - Wanted to make something pretty.

I suggested making them using paper mache, arts and crafts materials and so on.

Final thoughts:
I feel divided on these works, because I like what I have produced, but at the same time I think they can be much better, especially when I look at other people's submissions. I'm very judge mental on what I make <:P
I'm trying to get my work into as many competitions I come across in hopes of aiding my self promotion.

I doubt my Tomb Raider piece will be favored. I'm disliking it more when I compare it to my mock up, Lara looks like a witch I think. <:/
I think my other submissions will have better chances in their' competitions. <:P

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