Sunday, 24 February 2013


I thought this was an interesting video:

I think that because of how the narrator explains the structure of a generic story.
It's not really something I've thought about before. I would often struggle making up a story for my work, be it high school to college, because I think this was never really explained to us (students).
If it was, I can't remember, but I'm glad I've watched this anyway.
I like how the structure sums up loose ends.

This made me laugh a little. My tutor and I talked about wolves the other day for my project, and he mentioned the 'Dire Wolf', that is featured in 'Game of Thrones'.
I showed him this clip about the Dire wolf because he thought they were fictional.

Thinking about it, I unconsciously illustrated my wolf as a large beast anyway, like the Twilight werewolves.
I'll probably base the design on the Dire wolf than the Grey wolf.

I've put this on here because I like how the narrator rhymes story lines in the film. I think it's quirky and is in the direction I want to take my red riding hood work with.
What I also find ironic is the relationship these two characters are like that of Red and the Wolf! 

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