Sunday, 17 March 2013

Noise 'Your Creative Future' Event

On the 14th of March, I went to Sale's Waterside Arts Centre for the Noise 'Your Creative Future' event.

Those that spoke there were artists that have become successful in their careers. Ranging from music to fashion, they talked about their' experiences and offered useful advice. They were asked and answered questions from the audience about things like how they came to be in their positions and would they change anything.

The main reason I went though was to see Ian Livingstone, the game designer who helped make Tomb Raider. I was hoping through his talk, he would mention some things about the animation side of making his games. Unfortunately he didn't, but I enjoyed listening to what he said about his experience in the games field.

When the talk was finished, I asked him how did he make his latest creation: Tomb Raider Reborn. Did he use motion capture? He said yes they used that technology and asked if I was interested in that field of animation. I told him the current animation work I've done so far was advertisement based, but I wouldn't mind learning it.

Overall, I had a good time. What was even more enjoyable for me was I got to see some of the work I did for Noise being put to use on the background projector. It was Ciara Clark's portfolio being displayed. I was required to grab screenshots of her pieces and align them nicely in ready-made templates a Noise member made for me. That was hard work but fun too.

There are more pictures of the event on my flicker: Link

Noise themselves should put up their' pictures of the event on soon, and they're better than mine. Not sure if they will go on Noise's Facebook or their' official website: Link 

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Work Experience, etc.

In my 'networking' post, I wrote about the CING meetup at the Brew dog pub in Manchester and about a work placement at noise.

On the 7th of March, I went into the Noise Festival studio to see if they had any work experience they could offer me. I showed the staff members there my portfolio work. Although they liked my animation and photography, they were more interested in what I had to say said about my graphic design work. Unlike my peers, I didn't bring an A3 portfolio or any work in relation to any graphic design briefs. I didn't want to bring my older work from the Manchester College because I didn't think that was up to scratch anymore. Instead, I showed them work I produced for competitions on Deviant Art and during my spare time. They seemed to like them.

After viewing my work, I was told the work they could give me was graphic design based and not animation. They also mentioned that they weren't sure if they would have anything for me to do during the Easter break.  I still wanted to do it though because I need work experience. My CV is a little limited in this field.

So on the 8th of March, I went to Noise to do a day's work/work experience. It was a little strange for me starting out. The staff were friendly but busy. I had to figure somethings out for myself, but I was looked after. A Staff member popped over to my screen to see if I was on track and told me to give her a shout if I needed her.
The work I did was getting screen grabs of Noise people's portfolios and tweaking them in ready made template files on Photoshop. I also picked up the phone a few times as the staff had their' hands full. It was kind of like being a designer/receptionist in a way. The work I was doing is for the upcoming event 'Your Creative Future', that will be held at the Waterside Arts Centre in Sale next week. I've already got a ticket for it. Link

I'm hoping to do a bit more, maybe give up one day a week whilst managing my college work.
I'm told I won't be needed again for the next two weeks.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Graduates and Advice

Yesterday, I stayed in college from 6pm till 8pm because a handful of graduates that were on our course came in to give us students some advice about the industry.
It was really nice because two of them there were people we already knew whilst studying in our first and second years before they left. Also the atmosphere was really relaxed. People were just laid back and talking for a while before the night began.
The presentations from the graduates were really funny and informative. They showed reels of work and clips of themselves working in their current company environments.

When the session was over, we all went to the pub to do more talking and networking. It was really great, everybody had a good time. It was nice to get out of the 'college' environment and be somewhere else socially. Everyone was able to be themselves and I think bond more. I especially need to get out more with people from college.
Since the third years left, there is only four of us students left on our course. I miss the interaction I had with them over critiquing works or brainstorming ideas. We were all a really close knit. That's why I thought it was nice seeing some of them again.

Networking and Catching Up

 On Monday, I went to a CING (Creative Industries Networking Group) meeting at the Brew Dog bar in Manchester. I only heard of it last minute on the morning of the day and was hyped.
I was a bit nervous to begin with, but after a while I really got stuck in talking to people. I found what made this easier was showing my portfolio work as well as talking about what I do.
The event was brilliant, it's something I need to attend more to help build up my confidence.
In the end I received eleven business cards from people and company representatives. It couldn't have gotten any better. People were asking for my business cards, but I've not produced any as of yet. I'm hoping to do so soon though. Fortunately, I had some paper with me, and was able to give them my email address for the time being.

One person there that was interested in my work was a Noise Festival representative. After some talking, I mentioned that I was in need of some work experience over the Easter holiday. The representative said she could help me with this and told me to drop an email to Noise about it. I did.
Today, I received an email from them asking if I am available to come into their workplace tomorrow to discuss it. I'm over the moon about it! I'm just really glad someone replied to my query. Just waiting to see what tomorrow will bring now, fingers crossed.