Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Graduates and Advice

Yesterday, I stayed in college from 6pm till 8pm because a handful of graduates that were on our course came in to give us students some advice about the industry.
It was really nice because two of them there were people we already knew whilst studying in our first and second years before they left. Also the atmosphere was really relaxed. People were just laid back and talking for a while before the night began.
The presentations from the graduates were really funny and informative. They showed reels of work and clips of themselves working in their current company environments.

When the session was over, we all went to the pub to do more talking and networking. It was really great, everybody had a good time. It was nice to get out of the 'college' environment and be somewhere else socially. Everyone was able to be themselves and I think bond more. I especially need to get out more with people from college.
Since the third years left, there is only four of us students left on our course. I miss the interaction I had with them over critiquing works or brainstorming ideas. We were all a really close knit. That's why I thought it was nice seeing some of them again.

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