Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Networking and Catching Up

 On Monday, I went to a CING (Creative Industries Networking Group) meeting at the Brew Dog bar in Manchester. I only heard of it last minute on the morning of the day and was hyped.
I was a bit nervous to begin with, but after a while I really got stuck in talking to people. I found what made this easier was showing my portfolio work as well as talking about what I do.
The event was brilliant, it's something I need to attend more to help build up my confidence.
In the end I received eleven business cards from people and company representatives. It couldn't have gotten any better. People were asking for my business cards, but I've not produced any as of yet. I'm hoping to do so soon though. Fortunately, I had some paper with me, and was able to give them my email address for the time being.

One person there that was interested in my work was a Noise Festival representative. After some talking, I mentioned that I was in need of some work experience over the Easter holiday. The representative said she could help me with this and told me to drop an email to Noise about it. I did.
Today, I received an email from them asking if I am available to come into their workplace tomorrow to discuss it. I'm over the moon about it! I'm just really glad someone replied to my query. Just waiting to see what tomorrow will bring now, fingers crossed.

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