Sunday, 10 March 2013

Work Experience, etc.

In my 'networking' post, I wrote about the CING meetup at the Brew dog pub in Manchester and about a work placement at noise.

On the 7th of March, I went into the Noise Festival studio to see if they had any work experience they could offer me. I showed the staff members there my portfolio work. Although they liked my animation and photography, they were more interested in what I had to say said about my graphic design work. Unlike my peers, I didn't bring an A3 portfolio or any work in relation to any graphic design briefs. I didn't want to bring my older work from the Manchester College because I didn't think that was up to scratch anymore. Instead, I showed them work I produced for competitions on Deviant Art and during my spare time. They seemed to like them.

After viewing my work, I was told the work they could give me was graphic design based and not animation. They also mentioned that they weren't sure if they would have anything for me to do during the Easter break.  I still wanted to do it though because I need work experience. My CV is a little limited in this field.

So on the 8th of March, I went to Noise to do a day's work/work experience. It was a little strange for me starting out. The staff were friendly but busy. I had to figure somethings out for myself, but I was looked after. A Staff member popped over to my screen to see if I was on track and told me to give her a shout if I needed her.
The work I did was getting screen grabs of Noise people's portfolios and tweaking them in ready made template files on Photoshop. I also picked up the phone a few times as the staff had their' hands full. It was kind of like being a designer/receptionist in a way. The work I was doing is for the upcoming event 'Your Creative Future', that will be held at the Waterside Arts Centre in Sale next week. I've already got a ticket for it. Link

I'm hoping to do a bit more, maybe give up one day a week whilst managing my college work.
I'm told I won't be needed again for the next two weeks.

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